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Dinner with family

Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 5:18pm by Lieutenant JG T'pollis Sodil

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: USS Livingston
Timeline: Pre MD 1


Two days had passed and T’Pollis had been lucky so far. Each time the Counselor, or anyone on the ship who happened to be both male and Betazoid, had been busy when her Grandmother had sat down for dinner. But the third night she lost her luck. She ended up being invited for dinner once more and this time the Counselor could make it. Though she was unaware, until she got there.

She stepped into the mess hall and headed for where her grandmother was at, in a private room in the back. Her daughter was with her and the little girl waved at all the officers and enlisted who were eating in the main hall. The doors parted and T’Pollis guided her daughter in and towards the table. She held back the groan when she saw the counselor.

When dinner time came around, was in her mess hall, waiting for her Granddaughter. The chief counselor was at the table already as T’Polis came in. He stood up, smiling at her and her daughter. He wasn’t ugly. In Fact she had to admit he was handsome. Young, but handsome.

~T’Polis, you didn’t wear that dress.~ Her grandmother though, slightly irritated. ~Again~

“Grandmother, I can dress myself. I am also cold in this ship and that dress would do little more than make her colder. I’m sure you don’t wish to have dinner in the med bay, while trying to keep my temperature up, do you?””

~I suppose that could be a problem.~ Her grandmother said with an over dramatic sigh. ~But what about other ships? How will you attract a mate all covered up?~

T'Pollis arched an eyebrow, as though this problem wasn't that difficult to overcome. “If I am in charge of engineering, I can turn up the heat in the office and go there when I am needing to warm up.”

~You know, I can see if you can be transferred here. Then you wouldn’t have to leave when the orders come in.~ Her grandmother thought at her. ~You’d be here with your daughter.~

“Grandmother, you have a chief engineering officer and an assistant chief. You have a large staff of engineers. If I move to a different ship, I could be given the Chief Engineering Officer position. Not to mention that if I stay, the others could claim that you are helping me in my career. While it is tempting, I just can not take the risk.”

“I see we won’t change your mind there.” Her Grandmother said aloud, then she sighed.

“I will not.” T’Pollis replied with a shake of her head.

“She has a point, though.” The Counselor finally said. “They could see it as favoritism, in any promotion she gains. Nepotism can be a very bad thing.”

“Okay, I won’t request that she be transferred here.” Her grandmother said, the wind going from her metaphorical sails..

“Thank you.” T’Pollis said.

After a few moments, her grandmother looked to her. “T'pollis, I must admit, we're going to be parting company too soon.”

“What happened?” T’Pollis asked.

“Your Orders came in before you showed up for dinner. We're going to meet with a Sabre class in two days. So I’ll keep T’Pem with me.”

“Good. And in six months...” T’Pollis started to say.

“Yes..I am aware of the way it works.” Her grandmother told her. “Six months she goes back to the planet devoid of emotions.”

“I mean no disrespect. I’m just making sure.” T’Polis replied.

“It’s actually rather fortunate, we’re headed to meet with the Kitsune. We shall reach it in two days.”

“Most fortunate.” T’Pollis replied. Then she looked a bit sad. It had been nagging her that she had been at odds with her Grandmother the whole time, and now there would be little time to mend fences and no one knew when the next time would be that they would see each other. Almost daily she had been very un-Vulcan-like. Somehow her Grandmother could bring out her emotional side, way to well. She looked to the older woman and asked, in a hushed tone. “Commodore....Grandmother, could I have breakfast with you, before I have to depart? A private breakfast, just me, my daughter and my grandmother? No one else, just the remaining Sodil family line”

The older lady took a bit, chewed as she thought aobut it, then finally looked at her grandchild. “I think I would like that very much.” Her grandmother stated.

“Good.” T’Pollis

“Okay. I will expect you at my quarters tomorrow morning at oh six hundred. I take the bridge at Oh eight hundred.”

“I will be there, but for now, I need to....” T’Pollis started to say.

Her grandmother decided to state what she had been doing the most on the ship, sure that was what she wanted to do again. “Meditate. Yes, I understand.”

“Actually, I was going to finish dinner, then read up on my new posting. In case the commander has any requirements that he expects from his crew.” T’Pollis said with an arched brow.

“Yes. There is that too. I know so little about the ship. It’s as though a lot of the systems are being hidden.” Her grandmother said.

This caused T’Poillis’s eyebrow to raise some more. “Most curious. I look forward to this mystery.”


Lieutenant JG T'Pollis
Engineer without a ship

Her grandmother and daughter


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