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Once more unto the Breach

Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant Akel Izavid

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Utopia Planitia computer lab 12
Timeline: Pre MD


Akel stood looking out the observation window of his Utopia Plantia lab. The computer was running a level 3 diagnostic of the Thunderchild’s targeting computer. According to the tactical officer every photon torpedo launched from the forward tubes would veer off target by 15 degrees to port. He had already reconfigured the sensors, there computer interface, and the ODN transfer system. Now he was on the last possible problem.

His mind was wondering, blocking out the other technicians on the base by focusing on the beautiful form of the Akira class vessel. He was far enough away from the vessel not to hear any thoughts of the engineers but could almost imagine seeing some of them walk past the viewports. The beeping of his diagnostic’s console drew his attention back to work. “I was right” he said to no one in particular after a moment of reviewing the data. It turned out that the computer would multiply any torpedo target by the wrong formula. All that had to be done was rewrite the functions with the correct formula and then upload it to the computer.

He has just finished the rewrite when he heard the thoughts of his CO Commander Bradley After so many requests trying to get rid of him, I finally get my wish. Without signaling, Bradley entered Akels Lab. “Have you fixed the Thunderchild’s issue?” Bradley barked waiting for an answer. “Yes sir, just a few moments ago, I had to rewrite the targeting functions and have just sent the program back to the ship.”

Bradley took this moment to hand Akel a PADD “Lt, you are here by reassigned to the USS Kitsune as there chief operations officer. Please pack your things immediately as the ship will be waiting for you at starbase 72. A transport is waiting for you at docking port 4.” With that, Bradley left the lab, his thoughts were giddy as a school boy. More quality relationships to add to me bank. Akel thought as he picked up his few personal items from the lab and walked out the door.


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