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Family makes one crazy

Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2019 @ 4:24am by Lieutenant JG T'pollis Sodil

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: USS Livingston
Timeline: right after seclusion for the mind


T'Polis looked around as the transporter beam stopped. She was unsure what type of ship this was, but it didn’t matter. This was most likely a stop on the way to her new ship. “Permission to come aboard?” T'Pollis asked.

“Permission granted, but the Commodore was wishing to be here before you got off the lift.....” The man replied.

“The Commodore?” T'Pollis asked, arching an eyebrow. It was at that moment she felt a familiar mind moving towards her. She brought up any mental defenses she had, but she knew.....she knew her grandmother could get around those with ease. T'pollis slumped slightly and groaned, something that surprised the transporter chief. “Oh No.” Her daughter looked at her with a quizzical look.

“Mother what is it?” Then her eyes got wide with delight, as she felt the familiar mind too. “Great grandma!”

The door slid open and her paternal grandmother stepped into the transporter room. ~There's my little granddaughter!~ The woman's mind spoke directly to hers. ~And my great granddaughter!~ She held out her arms and the little girl, who seemed to be more Betazoid than Vulcan, ran into her great grandmother’s arms.

“Hello Grandmother.” T'Pollis replied. “You know it isn't polite to speak telepathically when others are around.”

~Nonsense. I am a Betazoid and this is my heritage.~ Her grandmother replied, before hugging her Granddaughter. ~Besides, I am speaking to you, not the Crewman.~

“Grandmother....” T'Pollis said in a challenging tone.

When her grandmother spoke again, this time it was verbally. “Come on now, lets get you off that pad and out of those dreadfully stinky clothes. I happen to have some wonderful Betazoid dresses you could wear, until you go on duty.” Her grandmother gestured to the door and nodded to the transporter chief.

“I have clothing.” T’Pollis replied with a slight growl in her voice. She hated to let her emotions show, but it was always like this. Her grandmother never changed. She followed her grandmother and daughter out of the door.

“I know. Uniforms, uniforms and more uniforms. Plus several vulcan robes. Not a single stitch of Betazoid clothing. The rest of your belongings are in your guest quarters. I just thought you would like something more, revealing. Something worthy of catching the eye of a mate.” Her grandmother smiled, and she wasn’t sure what type of smile it was, just that she had been seeing it a lot as she got older.

T’Pollis’ shoulders slumped and she let out a quick groan before asking. “Grandmother, you are not setting me up with your executive officer again, are you?”

“No. While he is a good talker, he is a Bolian and I'm afraid that you and him would not be able to have babies. You're not compatible. Now I do happen to know the Chief counselor is single. He is a wonderful Betazoid man. His family are holders of the seven sacred daggers. The Vulcan in science has yet to find a mate, as are several in the medical parts of this ship.” They passed the lift and headed down a hall.

“Grandmother, I am not looking for a mate. Not at this moment.” T'Pollis said as the two of them turned a corner and her grandmother stopped at a room.

Her grandmother opened the door and she gestured for T'Pollis stepped inside. “You should be, that way you have time to have children.”

“You just want more Great-grandchildren to spoil.” T'Pollis stated.

Her grandmother nodded, but she returned to telepathic speech. ~Is that do wrong? What grandmother doesn't want to see her family grow.~

T'Polis decided to give her what she wanted and responded telepathically. ~Grandmother, I have a plan. Children are not allowed yet. Not till I reach commander and I have a mate to watch them.. It is not logical to burden my career right now with a family. Also, each ship I have been assigned to has been small. So getting a large room to myself isn’t happening, so no children~

~And how long will it be, till it is logical?~ Her grandmother asked. ~You are young and able to care for them now. And while you may live for several centuries, I will not. I just want to see my Great-grandchildren.~

T'Pollis put her bag down and she kept facing away from her Grandmother. ~To have more children, I need a mate. I have none, so it is a pointless conversation~

~But you forget, your Pon Farr will return soon. Would it hurt to get you with someone, so you don't cause the same problem as last time?~ Her Grandmother went to a chair and sat down. T'Polis didn't reply at first. Her daughter climbed up in her Great grandmother’s lap. She could still remember the shame and embarrassment she felt when it hit her at the Academy. Her telepathy was working over time and nine months later, several new additions were in the maternity ward of Starfleet medical, including her own daughter.

T'Polis went back to verbal speech as she tried to make sure she didn't get angry and lash out at her grandmother. Her irritation could still be seen. “Can we please get off the subject? I require a shower and some time to meditate. I was not allowed time to get cleaned up.”

“Fine.” Her Grandmother said aloud. “But I expect to see you in the seniors officers mess hall for dinner. I am opening an invitation to you, so you can enter.”

This time T'Pollis didn't get upset. She didn't want to anger any officers in a higher rank than herself. “Grandmother, I am not a Senior officer for this ship. Not that I even know what type of ship I’m on.”

“The Livingston is a medical vessel. I mean it is fitting a doctor gets command of one of those, correct?.” Her grandmother replied as T’Pollis started to head to the sonic shower. “And you’re currently on leave. Plus if you bring T’Pen, then I can justify you being there as needing to watch your daughter. And besides, no one questions the Commodore in her quarters.

T’Pollis stopped. “Do you have my new orders? Am I being assigned to the Livingston?” She asked, only because she had noticed the mark on the door calling it a guest suite. She wanted to know if she had to plan on getting a transfer soon. She could not work with her grandmother as her commander.

“No, actually, I said that to get you to come. I haven't seen you in several years now and your first vacation and you go to Vulcan to meditate.” Her grandmother started to pout. “Imagine how much it hurt that you didn't want to see me.”

“Grandmother, I do want to see you, I just needed peace. The Hathor was too crowded. Too many voices.” T'Pollis was doing her best to not lash out in anger at being deceived. She wanted to yell and scream, but that would undo her past ten days. Instead she faced the door to the bathroom again. “I will see you for dinner. Can you watch T’Pem, please?”

“I shall. I believe a visit to the lounge and maybe an ice cream sundae is needed.”

“Thank you. Goodbye Grandmother.”

“Goodby, T'Polis. I left a dress for you to wear. in the closet” Her grandmother said. “T’Pem can come with me. I’ll settle her into her new quarters. If it is alright with you.”

“You may. I want to spend some more time with her, though.” But T'Polis was already in the bathroom and the door was closing. So her Grandmother did what she felt was best. She went to where the closet was, took out the dress she had picked up for her on Betazed and placed it on the bed, then she smiled, sure in the fact that she could help guide her granddaughter to a mate. She went to another closet and helped pick one for her granddaughter.


After her sonic shower, T’Polis had set an alarm, then she sat down to meditate. When the chime went off, she opened her eyes and was shocked to see that she had spent almost two hours. She got up and headed to the bedroom of the quarters, to see about wearing more than her robe. There she saw the dress that her grandmother set out.

She barely kept from groaning in annoyance that her grandmother was trying to run her life. She picked up the dress and took it to the closet and hung it back up. She went to her bag and opened it up, then pulled out traditional Vulcan robes. She knew it would make her Grandmother mad, but she was not going to be a doll her grandmother could play dress up with fancy dresses.

She pulled on the robes and wrapped them around her, then she added her com-badge to the garment and headed for the door.


Lieutenant JG T'Pollis
Engineer without a ship

Her grandmother and daughter


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