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Seclusion for the mind

Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2019 @ 3:57am by Lieutenant JG T'pollis Sodil

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Vulcan's forge Planet Vulcan
Timeline: 4 days prior


T'Pollis was alone. Not another soul for kilometers. Vulcan's forge was a good place to get away from the myriad of voices that assaulted her mind on the Hathor. Not that she was going back, as the Hathor had been decommissioned. She took that time to ask for two weeks off, before they called her back to duty. When it had been approved, she headed for the wilderness of Vulcan. At her Vulcan grandparent’s home was her daughter. She had spent three days with her child before heading out to calm her mind.

She had been here once before, when she was about twelve and had just been taken from Betazed. She went through the Kahs-wan, the Vulcan maturity test. It had pushed her limits then. This time she was better prepared for the test. She didn’t have to do it, but the quiet of the forge was needed.

Just like the last time she had been there, the only thing she had with her was her wits. No food, or water and no weapons. Just her and her wits against the elements. Her com-badge was back at her grandparents dwelling, as it would be unusable with the minerals in the canyon wall that blocked signals.

She had spent two days perched on a large pillar of stone, meditating. the first time was the first day she had entered the Forge. After that she spend three days exploring. This was the fifth day and she was reaching her time limit. She wanted a shower and needed food and water. She knew by the position of suns in the sky that her time was almost up. She also needed to spend time with her daughter, before she got a new assignment.

When the sun had passed the point that marked her fifth day, T'Polis took a few more breaths, then she slowly stood up, stretching slightly, as to not get leg cramps on her way down. The climb down was slow going, but two hours later, she was headed to the mouth of the canyon that made the Vulcan's forge.

As she reached the edge of the forge, she saw a young Vulcan girl heading in. The girl lived in the same area of the town that her Vulcan Grandparents were at, so T'Pollis was known to her and all children gave her respect.

"Live long and prosper." The child told her, while holding up the hand in the Vulcan salute.

T'Pollis returned the salute. "May your journey be free of incident."

After that, no more was said. She didn't look back as the girl started her quest. T'Pollis had been thinking about her quest years earlier and she hoped the girl would find peace and enlightenment in the Canyon.

When she reached the mouth of the canyon, she found her grandmother and her six year old daughter. Her grandmother was holding her bag that had her spare uniform. Pinned to the strap of T’pollis’ bag was her com-badge. Her daughter had a small bag slung over her small shoulders. T'Polis got close, arched an eyebrow and asked. "Has Starfleet contacted me?"

"They have." The old woman replied. There was no emotion, no annoyance, just her stating a fact. "They have requested you to report. A...ship has been waiting for a day for you to leave the Forge. Your daughter shall accompany you and she will be heading for her Great grandmother."

"I informed them of my intent." T'Polis replied. She fought the urge to dip into the emotions she had and be annoyed. The past few days had been so peaceful, she was not going to ruin it like this. She knew a ship would be coming for her soon, she wasn't expecting it a day early. But what was confusing her was that a ship waited for her to leave the forge. There were ships leaving Vulcan almost daily. She could have managed a ride on a transport, unless this was her new posting.

“I only know what I was informed. The Livingston is currently in orbit, waiting to collect you.” Her grandmother said. When she had been given the name of the ship, T'Polis visibly relaxed. She had been worried her paternal grandmother was there for her. As far as she was aware, her Grandmother wasn't on the Livingston. Not that she hated the woman. It was just her paternal grandmother was a force to be reckoned with. And all she wanted was great grandchildren.

"Then I must leave. Pass on my regret to Grandfather. I had wished to say goodbye." Some emotions, regret and Sadness seemed to leak through her firm facade.

Her grandmother didn't flinch as she showed some emotions. She knew there was little hope in stopping it outright. "He knows and is aware of your duty. But it would be folly to wait any longer. The transport is the Livingston, they are waiting for your communication."

"Yes." T'Polis took the Com-badge and placed in on the Vulcan robes she wore. Then she took the bags her grandmother held. "Live long and prosper." She held up her hands in the salute, which her grandmother copied.

"Health and Long life, Grandchild."

T'Polis took a few steps away from her and she tapped her com-badge. "T'Polis to the Livingston."

=A=This is the Livingston, Lieutenant T'Polis. Are you ready for transport?=A=

"I am ready, do you already have the rest of my belongings?” She asked.

=A=Yes Ma’am, we brought them up yesterday and they are in your quarters.=A=

“Very well, two to Transport." She said, while keeping an eye on her grandmother. A large part of her hated to leave. But when she felt those feelings, she did her best to repress them. The two of them kept up eye contact as she felt the transporter start to collect her.


Lieutenant JG T'Pollis
Engineer without a ship

T'Pollis daughter


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