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Healing a Healer

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 6:33am by Lieutenant Lachlan MacArdry

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Sickbay


Lachlan MacArdry had just gotten on board when he was directed to head for sickbay without even the chance to check in with the Ship's Brass. He knew the lot of the CMO was a busy one, he'd been one before in battle conditions against the Terran Empire and he hoped that he'd never see them again. Too many friends had been lost during that time and he was only now coming to grips with some of the losses. At least, Heather wasn't one of them, she was already waiting for him on the other side of the Veil, though it seemed at times she came to him during the night and they'd be together again for a few hours in his dreams.

Skidding into Sickbay, he looked around to see what was going on, dropping his carryall just inside the door, his backpack soon following it. The backpack was one he always carried with him on missions, no matter what, since it was a combination extended medkit and survival kit rolled into one and there were times that they had needed every bit of equipment in the pack to survive. Looking around a second time, he nodded as a nurse came over to give him the info on various patients and their injuries and states of healing. Some were BS injuries from being careless in the Holodeck to several plasma burns that came from a ruptured pipe in Engineering. He sighed and plunged into the fray once more with his old enemies: Disease, Pain and Death. Sometimes he won, other times they did, but he was going to fight with all he had to save every patient he could. Once the first rounds of healing were finished, he turned Sickbay back over to the Head Nurse before going to find the Captain and check in. Some might not think it, but for him, Work was again starting to heal the pains he had been dealing with in his own life.


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