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Meeting the XO

Posted on Sat Sep 28th, 2019 @ 1:54pm by Captain Chloe Waters & Lieutenant Commander Kaylia Strenvale

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Ready room, Deck 1 -- U.S.S Kitsune
Timeline: Pre-MD


Chloe stood quietly in the captain's... no... her ready room. It was still a shock to her system. She almost couldn't bring herself to sit down at Commander Clearwater's desk. 'He'll walk through the door at any moment,' she thought to herself.

Just then, the chime to her ready room went off and she jumped, startled. Chloe paused for a moment and took a breath. Who could it be?

"Enter," her monotone robotic voice said aloud, as she stiffened slightly while facing the door. Chloe slowly inched towards the captain's chair, but then thought better of it. 'I'm short as hell as it is.'

Once the doors opened, the Half-Caitian came in. Her violet fur colored tail swishing lightly behind her back and forth. Giving a look around the room as she moved to behind one of the chairs. Coming to attention. "Lieutenant Commander Kaylia Strenvale, reporting, Captain."

For a moment, the acknowledgement didn't register on Chloe's face. Then she looked completely dumbstruck as she looked up at the taller officer. Her body seemed to be filled with tension as she eyed the other woman for a long moment. 'What should I say?

Finally, only one thing really came to Chloe's mind. "Welcome aboard, Commander." She let out a quiet huff and gave a quick shake of her head. "I would assume that you are more familiar with my personnel file than I am with yours."

Kaylia noticed the tension, though not sure why there would be any. Raising an eyebrow a little, "That is probably very likely, ma'am."

Chloe craned her neck to look the half-Caitian in the face and then looked towards the door, then at the captain's... her... chair. She frowned slightly as she moved to take a seat, feeling the need to do something... anything, to keep moving. "Then you are most likely aware that I was not expecting... this. I was not prepared for this responsibility. The Kitsune possessed a full crew no less than seventy-two hours ago, and now..."

Chloe's eyebrows raised and she shook her head in disbelief. "I have found myself with the captaincy of the United Star Ship Kitsune thrust upon me."

Chloe looked about the room once more before she stood up from the chair. "What circumstances allowed for your transfer to this vessel?"

"Yes, I do, ma'am. Though you should remember, we have been trained for this if it happens. Even if we do not want it to have happened this way. I can also understand how it might feel like you haven't earned it. However, you would not be in command of this ship if you didn't earn it."

She assumed since Chloe sat down, that Kaylia could as well. Also still looking around the Ready Room for personal objects. "I go where I'm told for the most part. Never really bothered to request a station, and you needed an XO after all."

"In addition to a number of other officers, at this time," Chloe began as she looked about the empty room. "Among which include a chief medical officer, a counselor, and a chief engineer. At this time there is no estimate on when said officers will arrive."

"Probably Tuesday." She bit her lip to keep from giggling. Okay, maybe there was a bit of a giggle that slipped out. That has always been a running joke since that incident with the Enterprise-B. "That's why I want to take Tactical and Security as well for now until a suitable one is procured."

Chloe raised an eyebrow at the reference. Of course, she was familiar with the, quite literally, turbulent launch of the Enterprise B, and how many of its systems were not up to snuff. She had no intention of going into action like this. Still, the reference surprised the lieu... the captain, and she gave a slow nod. "Permission granted. Judging by your response I assume that we do, as of this time, not possess any arrival date for the aforementioned officers?"

She shook her head a little bit, "Not that I am aware of, but this was my first stop before getting into my duties."

Chloe nodded her head slowly. Good, whoever she had ended up with as her first officer, they seemed to be a stickler for protocol. She made a mental note to review this Caitian's service record as soon as she could, but for now all the bases seemed to be covered. "Very well," her translator droned. "Unless there is anything further, you are dismissed Commander."

"Nothing else at the moment, except one. Get some sleep, ma'am." Kaylia stood and headed out of the Ready Room.

With those last few words spoken, Chloe stared after her XO in confusion. Get some sleep? She felt well rested. Stressed? Definitely, but she wasn't tired in the slightest. And even if she had tried, Chloe doubted she could get any sleep. As she looked towards the window in her ready room, the new captain couldn't help but wonder what was in store for her.


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