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Quiet Bolian Dinner

Posted on Sat Jul 27th, 2019 @ 2:17pm by Lieutenant JG Halcolm Qolo
Edited on on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 9:55pm

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Officers' Mess Hall
Timeline: MD04 1812 hours


The ship had set off earlier in the day. This was a busy one which included meeting the CO for Lt. JG Halcolm Qolo. He spent a shift on the bridge monitoring secondary stations. At his side was PO3 Jiri, the encryption specialist. The enlisted NCO couldn't join Halcolm this time since he was in the Officers' Mess. But there would be time to interact later.

Halcolm wanted a quick, replicated meal and a few moments to himself. There was a short line for the replicator, but his time to order came up soon. He programmed a few simple Bolian dishes.

Most humanoids would be put off by Bolian food. It's known for being partially decayed, though Halcolm swears this is exaggerated.

Maybe that was a part of why he chose to eat quickly and alone. He was subconsciously self-conscience about his people's cuisine. At least on the views about them he was.

Halcolm found a seat at a small table and began eating quickly. He looked up occasionally to peer out of a nearby window. A tall glass of Tonic water was at his plate's side. The drink was known for its calming qualities.

Starting with a sip, he began to quickly dig into his food. The dish translated loosely into 'aged fish'. Seafood was a major part of Bolian cuisine. Tonight's meal was a predatory creature somewhere between a mammal and a fish, but neither.

Luckily Starfleet engineers toned down the natural scent (or stench) of the meal. If this were real aged fish, it would stink up the entire mess hall.

Halcolm ate quickly and quietly, looking up to smile and nod at a passing engineer he recognized. After washing a few bites down with tonic water, he pulled a PADD from his pocket and checked the time.

He was supposed to meet a few others to play sports on the holodeck soon. Which game? They were going to roll dice to randomly decide from a few choices. The fish would be light enough, at least for Halcom's acidic Bolian stomach.

There were many unique facets about Bolian anatomy. Their diet and volatile stomachs meant no other lifeforms would appreciate using a restroom after a Bolian.

It's foul.

Halcolm continued eating his meal of fish and Bolian sprouts. 'If only this was as rotten as it is at home', he thought to himself.

The unique engine of the Hiryu hummed and whirred quietly in the background noise.


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