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Lonely Old Men

Posted on Mon Jul 1st, 2019 @ 4:57am by Commander Michael Clearwater

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: CO's Ready Room Deck 1
Timeline: MD 4 1500


Commander Clearwater Stared into the empty void of Space, his Uniform disheveled from a Long Days Work on the Alpha Shift. With a crew as small as the Kitsune's he Glad he Had Any Shifts at all let alone Three Eight hour shifts. "As it were," he said with a soft Yawn his arms stretching over his head, his spine popping in several locations.

"Do you have a Minute Commander?" Came the deep Gravely Voice of H'adrak from behind him. ClearWater spun around to face the Giant of a Klingon, clutching his chest.

"By can sneak up on someone," Clearwater gasped as he Leaned up against the Thin Viewports Structure.

"I can," The Klingon Nodded slowly as he Stepped in. "I want to Voice Concerns about Our Mission."

"You Can Speak freely Number one," Clearwater said after taking a moment to Straighten himself out and Gesturing to his desk.

"thank you Commander, I Have concerns about taking what is quite Clearly a show of Force Ship to the Soon to be Front Lines of our enemies," The Mountain of a Man Said as he Crossed the distance to the Guests Chair in two Gargantuan Steps that Sent teh shorter human Scurrying to his own chair.

"We're not at war," Clearwater Said bluntly tenting his fingers as he Rested his Elbows on the desk.

"Yet," H'akrak said bluntly. "this ship is A Defiant Slap in the face to Borders with its sensor suits, Weapons system and A Literal black hole Bomb aboard should we go Critical."

Mikey Winced as his precious Reactor was Insulted, even if it was based in truth. "We're not Here to Fight or start a war," He said softly adjusting his posture slightly. "We're just conducting a Border Patrol."

"With Oders to Intercept and Search any Smuggler vessel going into the The Alkris pacts territory," H'radrak Grumbled quietly.

"touche," Mikey Sighed.


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