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Command Interviews, What A Pain

Posted on Sun Jun 30th, 2019 @ 12:08pm by Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant JG Halcolm Qolo

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: CO's Ready Room Deck 1
Timeline: MD 4 1030


Micheal Clearwater Shifted in his Seat, the Weight of the old man causing the Standard issue Ready Room chair to groan. While by no means Obese or Fat, He was Old, and Star Fleet always skimped out of materials for Creature comforts. He Made a Mental Note to himself To Have engineering Replace the chair with a Much more comfortable one later on. "Lieutenant Qolo please Report to the Commanders Ready Room," he said swiveling the chair to face across the Spartan Desk.

Lt. JG Qolo was on deck 4, accessing the upper level of the computer core. In his hand was a specialized encryption scanner. It would interact with the computer's programs to scramble codes and provide an extra level of security.

The Kitsune had a great deal of experimental technology. It was Lt. JG Qolo's job to keep this secure. He tapped his commbadge, lowering his scanner. "On my way Commander."

The intel officer made his way to a nearby stairway, passing a few officers along the way. He still didn't know many people on the ship. The ready room was only one deck above him and not far from the computer section.

After a quick walk, a Bolian wearing the gray collar of the Intelligence Department approached the ready room. He tapped a panel to ring the door chime. It buzzed inside awaiting the Commander's response.

"Enter," Mikey said softly his hands tenting in an attempt to look menacing or Respectable. In Truth the eclectic collection of Artifacts and Bizarre pieces of tech scattered through out the Room would probably Ruin what every modicum of intimidation the Short Martian man could muster up.

As a Bolian, the lieutenant was more interested in the artifacts than judgmental of them.

"Chief Intel Reporting", Lt. JG Qolo said almost informally. "How's your morning, captain?" The officer seemed comfortable and was actually glad to take a break from the computer work.

"Commander," Micheal smiled softly. He'd spent the Majority of his Career surrounded by intelligence officers, and was still amazed by them. "Haven't gotten that four Pip I'm afraid," he rolled his neck lightly to the side causing it to pop in a few places. "As For how I'm Doing I Half expected you to have A Dissertation on that On my desk this morning," he chuckled.

The lieutenant knew it was customary to sometimes refer to a ship's commander as captain. Perhaps Commander Clearwater didn't prefer such informalities. "Right", said the Bolian. "I wouldn't think of resigning. There's too much that needs to be done around the quadrant. The Kitsune needs to get up to specs quickly."

"And Based Purely on your Records I can't Imagine a Better Option For My Chief of Intelligence," Clearwater Said calmly. "I look forward to seeing what you Plan on Bringing to Our Little Menagerie Of Prototypes."

A wide smile crossed the lieutenant's blue face. "Thank you sir." After a slight pause, he added. "I've been wanting to check out the small craft. Did Starfleet have any of the Special Operations models of the Type-8 left? If not I can convert whatever shuttles we have."

Lt. JG Qolo was aware of a lesser known piece of Federation technology. The Fourth Fleet's public Infobase mentioned 'the special ops version of the Type 8 also features several classified measures to reduce the radiated energy signature virtually to nothing and so make the craft much harder to detect.'

Qolo had access to replicate some of these measures and could install them along with a few engineers. There was still a chance Commander Clearwater may have already acquired this shuttle variant. The Intel officer hadn't had time to check.

"The Spooky's?" The Martian Asked as he leaned forward onto his desk, His Bushy eyebrow arching slightly. "Been A hot Minute since I Heard any information regarding those, Something about Fleet Command Getting skittish with the Treaty of Algeron," he Muttered as he Folded his arms. "Though We do Have a compliment of Type 8's and a Fully functional Engineering Replimat," he added with a sly grin.

Lt. JG Qolo's eyes narrowed along with a devious smile. "We should be able to get one up to specs. It will be a long term project." The Bolian shifted his weight backwards. "She might come in handy someday."

"I Can Imagine the possibilities Of a Stealth Ship aboard The Premier R&D vessel of the Federation," Commander Clearwater said with a Hum. "We could even use it as Target practice for our New Sensor grid."

"We will need to test the sensors and refine the data", Qolo added. "I'll put the team to work on the modifications right away." Lt. JG Qolo could already think of a few people he could pull onto this project.

"Excellent Lieutenant," Mikey Chuckled as he tented his fingers. "Do you have any thing you'd like to bring to my attention before we launch?"

"Well.." The Bolian paused for a moment. "I have some insider information to pass along. It seems there are dissenters among some of the colony worlds. It's very early, but it's something to be aware of. There is talk of people organizing."

The Martian born human tilted his head to the side. "Is that so...Well then..are they targeting Federation assets or are they clamoring for independence?"

Lt. JG Qolo nodded slightly, "They seem to only be organizing at the moment sir. We don't know what they might target. The language they use is dangerous though. They don't seem to want peaceful independence." His eyes seemed to focus a bit more. "There seems to be an odd group behind the scenes, pulling strings. We don't know what they want yet."

"I can imagine a Warship full of experimental Tech and a Reactor core that is in essence eternal power source would make for a desirable Acquisition for any budding Rebellion," Commander Clearwater muttered.

The Bolian's angular face twisted into a smile. "Luckily they don't know about us, sir." Halcolm hoped so anyway. "I'll have my Intel operatives prepared to react in the instance opponents try."

"I wasn't aware we'd been classified," He smiled back. "I mean we had so many people working on this ships construction."

"I've looked over the records of everyone who worked on the project", said Lt. JG. Qolo. This was the sort of access to records grayshirts had. Their presence could be unnerving to many Starfleet officers. "It doesn't seem like most of them would have ties to these outworlds. Most public reports that I've seen about the Kitsune talk more about power in terms of the engines. Less about the sensors. It sounds like a basic upgrade on a Saber class."

Halcom leaned forward, blue face twisting upwards into a smirk. "Reports haven't spoken of the Intelligence Department's hand on things", he said.

The grayshirts were in the process of adding basic countermeasures to the Kitsune, making use of the upgraded sensors. Navies of old called the term 'Electronic Warfare'. Things are more advanced than simple electronics in 2389, but certain test equipment will hope to accomplish similar functions.

"I'm fairly sure that hiding our New Reactor core was next to impossible with all the X-rays and gravitational anomalies it throws off." Mikey said softly.

Halcom simply nodded and said "Yes sir." The lieutenant knew much of the group was located in places far away, like the Wastelands. News of the Kitsune likely hadn't traveled as much as the CO thought. Colonists in the off-worlds didn't have a detailed intelligence network. They were simply people meeting in rooms at the moment. The chances of them hearing about and stalking the Kitsune were minimal.

"Still, thank you for the Information, Its nice to work with an intel officer who actually shares Intelligence," The commander shook his head slightly.

"Definitely", the Bolian replied happily. "There really is a lot going on throughout the Alpha Quadrant. I'll make sure the crew is informed of any major happenings."

"I look forward to being kept informed," The Human chuckled deeply.

"i'll read up on the latest and prepare a report", said Lt. JG Qolo.

The Commander nodded slowly and leaned back in his chair. "With that out of the way then Lieutenant, Welcome aboard the Kitsune, and You're Dismissed."

Halcolm snapped to attention and rendered a salute. After it was returned, he took a step back, executed an 'about face' movement to turn and walked out of the room.


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