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Not Quite Right

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 11:05pm by Commander Michael Clearwater

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Deck 2 Corridor
Timeline: MD 01


Mikey Clearwater Hummed an old martian Dust farmer Tune to himself as he walked through the cramped Halls of the Small Saber Class. His crew was aboard, his mission was briefed, and All he had to do before officially starting His first commands Maiden voyage was Receive departure Orders from the Starbase's Traffic Command. Orders He knew were already in the works for release.

He paused in his stride and pressed His hand to the Bulk head, the typical thrum of A ships Warp core Ominously missing, the tell tell quiver of the Modified forced singularity core feeling Just off enough to make him frown. It would take some getting used to for sure, but he'd adapted to even more bizzare sensations before, the Solar Generators of Helios station in the Sol System hadn't produced any deck vibrations, yet he'd gotten over that after a few months.

With a Heavy sigh he'd shake his head and start back down the corridor, his thoughts returning to his Duties before the Ships departure form space dock.


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