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Working out

Posted on Tue Apr 9th, 2019 @ 3:10am by Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh & Captain Chloe Waters

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: The Kitsune Gym
Timeline: MD 02-Mid morning


Sriri walked into the gym, stretching out. It was a few hours before her shift started, since she was on the evening rotation for now. The feline was wearing a tight tank top and pants, both grey like her fur. She figured she'd get a bit of a work out, and maybe practice some martial arts. Hopefully the gym wasn't too full. She entered the room and looked around, her eyes adjusting to the light, or rather, lack there of. "Computer lights." she said, stretching her arms a bit.

Unlike the Caitian, Chloe's shift had already come and gone. And she did what she always did at the end of the day. After her relief had arrived, she entered the turbolift and examined the wall panel, considering the blueprints for the Kitsune. Since her arrival earlier that day, she hadn't had much of a chance to do anything but unpack, report in, and try to adjust to the new DNI system... a system which she had been unaware of.

After studying the panel for a moment, she found what she was looking for, and, ready to release some tension her translator droned dully, "Deck 4."

The Caitian woman twitched her ears, listening to the emptiness around her. She was used to quiet, those years at the research facility had done that, but she never liked it. She took her gloves off, and set them down, sighing contently and flexing her claws. That was better. Keeping her claws restrained was something she was used to as well. It wouldn't do to destroy a panel, or accidentally maim an ensign with those after all.

She walked forward a little bit to the mats, and adopted a standard front stance, one leg extended forward a bit, and bent, the other stretched behind her slightly and to the left. She put her hands up in a guard, and let out a mighty shout as she kicked at the air. She did hear the turbo lift next to the gym activating, but paid it no mind, focusing on her training. Practice made perfect.

The turbolift accelerated through the interior hull of the ship. Chloe watched the lighting change along the walls, listened to the soft thrum of the hydraulics as the lift descended. It was only a few moments before she felt the slight decrease in speed, in motion, that indicated she was about to be set down where she wanted to.

The doors to the corridor opened and Chloe took a brief look, glancing around. She didn't see anyone. So she stepped out and quietly, slowly made her way towards the gym.

Sriri heard the turbolift stop, but she continued to ignore it, grunting and letting out loud yells that sounded a bit like yowls. She tended to get into her training some times. The feline moved elegantly through her kata, striking and defending from unseen, imagined attackers. Her ears twitched as the door slid open behind her, and she slowly turned her head, casting her large golden eyes on the one standing in the doorway.

Chloe heard the yowl just before she approached the door, stopping inside its detection field. She blinked, looking up at the feline who was looking down at the four foot eight inch tall lieutenant. More than anything, she wanted to scurry away, but she knew that would simply make her look pathetic. So, Chloe quietly, slowly made her way into the gym, past the door sensors. They hissed closed quietly, then clicked to affirm their status as completely shut. Chloe stopped then and looked around, before nodding at the woman with her in greeting.

The much taller and bulkier lieutenant gave a nod back, her tail twitching just a bit. "Hello Lieutenant." she said in a level voice. Part of her bristled at the intrusion, but... This wasn't her place. Sometimes she had to remind herself, but if she wanted to avoid others she could work out in her own quarters. No, she came here because others came too. It could lead to conversation or even sparring. "Would you like to join me?" she offered, giving a very toothy grin.

Chloe's demeanour seemed to change. Now, with another pair of eyes on her, the eyes of a stranger, she felt uneasy. But she studied her fellow lieutenant for a moment. Chloe had never seen a Caitian before. Some part of her thought this taller, muscular woman was... cute, in her own way, but Chloe's past experiences kicked in. She couldn't open up just yet.

Chloe considered the offer closely, the question. Join her? Join her for what? Chloe raised a silent eyebrow, then inhaled deeply, as if preparing to drop some kind of dramatic bombshell during a holonovel.

...Then Chloe's translator came to life. Dull, completely expressionless, it was a female voice which only carried enough inflection to indicate Chloe was posing a question. "Join you?"

As soon as that cold, emotionless voice hit Sriri's ears, it made them twitch back briefly. It was unnerving to say the least, but the Caitian gave no other outward sign that it bothered her. She gave a chuckle at the smaller woman and nodded slightly.

"Yes. For a quick spar. A lesson. Anything. I'm bored." Sriri said simply, her tail thumping the ground lightly for emphasis. "Working out is fine by yourself, but with someone to compete against or cooperate with it's much better." she added with a smile. Well, more of a smirk than a smile.

Chloe saw Sriri's ears twitch slightly and she considered, watching the Caitian's tail thump the floor as she spoke. Chlod nodded slowly, a hint of sadness seeming to creep into the corners of her consciousness. No doubt even this tiny shift in her mood Sriri could pick up on, if by nothing but scent alone. As Chloe stepped forward, her translator droned again... without her mouth moving at all. "Very well."

What was the harm in it? Chloe wasn't giving anything away. She hadn't revealed anything about herself than anyone already knew. She used a translator. She only hoped that things didn't go too deep. She wasn't sure she was ready to reveal too much about herself.

Sriri twitched her ears again when the translator spoke again. She couldn't help it, her ears kind of moved on their own. The feline grinned a bit. "Oh, before I forget. I'm Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh." she said. She already knew who Chloe was, no one else on the ship had a translator like that, and she assumed Chloe knew her, after all, she was the only Caitian on the ship.

The feline walked back to her belongings and put her gloves back on. She didn't want to accidentally claw the woman if they were going to spar. Her tail twitched slightly and she adopted her fighting stance once again. "Come at me whenever you're ready." she said, deciding to stay on the defensive for now.

Chloe heard the introduction and nodded slowly, observing Sriri move. She couldn't help herself. Unlike Chloe herself, Sriri seemed so graceful, so in touch with whatever she was doing. Chloe though... well she always ended up feeling like a clutch.

As she spoke, she ducked her head slightly, subconsciously, a habit that she had picked up long ago. She didn't like to look anyone in the eye when she was... speaking, if you could even call it that. "Waters, Chloe, Lieutenant. Second officer, helm officer. Starfleet service number S, C, 1 4 7 2 3 Delta."

Sriri gave a soft chuckle, her grin widening now. Chloe seemed so small. Not just physically, but the way she acted, it was a bit funny to the Caitian. Not what one would expect from a member of the command staff.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." she said, relaxing her guard a bit. She took a short step forward, closing the distance between them. She moved with a natural confidence, and stared the woman across from her in the eye. Or, she would if Chloe met her gaze. "There something interesting on the floor Lieutenant?" the feline asked with a sort of meowing laugh.

Chloe seemed inclined to meet Sriri's gaze while she wasn't using her translator. What the other woman would have seen, or felt, or sensed in so many other ways, was someone who was closed off, uneasy, and sad. She slowly shook her head as she remained in place, frowning slightly as she ducked her head slightly yet again. "It is a developed habit," her translator droned. Then immediately after it had finished, she looked up at the Caitian again and let out a soft huff.

The feline woman nodded just a bit at this, her ears flitting backwards briefly once again. She was definitely picking up on that. She knew Chloe's type well. She thought a moment now, and then chuckled. "If you say so." she said. She closed her fists loosely now and raised her arms into an easy guard.

"Anyways, let us begin. If you won't strike, then prepare to defend yourself." Sriri said calmly. With that she took a step forward again and swung her left hand low. She moved slow, to let the woman be able to have some time to block her. A tad bit of sparring to see how good Chloe was at that. Who knows, it might also help her build some self confidence. As for Sriri, well, she would likely need to be patient.

Chloe watched her attacker intently, getting into something akin to Sriri's defensive stance from moments ago, however her positioning seemed slightly... off. From her block a few moments later it was clear that while her reflexes were sharp, her technique itself wasn't what it could be.

The feline watched as the woman moved swiftly to block her attack. "Not bad." she said, looking her over. Her golden eyes roamed up and down Chloe's form. Soon enough, she stepped forward and simply pushed on Chloe's right shoulder. Assuming she didn't brace herself, Chloe would have to maintain her balance to keep from tilting over.

"But your stance is all wrong. You'll want to slide your back foot a tiny bit more to the left, and bend your knee. You'll have more stability. Like this." Sriri said, adopting the stance again to let Chloe look at it. "Also, breath slowly, deep calming breathes in through the nose, and out through the mouth. It helps the body to relax, and you don't want to be tense when defending yourself."

Chloe managed to stay on her feet... though just barely. For a moment, she felt like a loose tooth barely staying in place as she wobbled back and forth on her feet for a moment. She was able to stabilize herself and nodded slowly, feeling Sriri's eyes looking over her. For some reason, Chloe felt herself blushing, and feeling like... was Sriri checking her out?

She pushed that aside. It was just her imagination, right? She was just examining Chloe's posture. But for some reason, deep down she hoped the posture theory was wrong, even if she wasn't consciously aware of it. Somewhere, deep inside, Chloe wanted someone she could open up to.

The mute human watched Sriri quietly, nodding her head as the Caitian woman spoke to her, observing her stance closely and moving her back foot, her left foot it turned out, slightly further to the left. She nodded, and waited.

Sriri was kind of checking her out, just a bit. She didn't know how she felt about humans. She smiled good naturedly and gave a small chuckle. She moved back and pushed the human on her shoulder again, though now she was much more stable now. She would barely budge. "Good. Good. The most important thing is staying calm and focused." the caitian said once again.

"Keep your eyes on me. Follow my movements." Sriri added, moving in front of her. She moved slowly, performing a few blocks. A raising block to stop an overhead strike. She kept her arm bent, with her fist higher than her elbow, and her other hand near her side. An inward middle block, where she moved her arm vertically across her chest to block a lunge there. And a low block, where she swung her arm down, her fist at about knee level to block a kick. All the while keeping her other arm in a position to strike back or defend as well. "These are some basic moves that help protect you." she said.

Chloe nodded and watched closely, her gaze following Sriri's paws. Every so often she would find it wandering, she would look at Sriri's fur with, unknknown to Chloe herself, the same mix of confusion and fascination. It was... different, and Chloe thought Sriri took good care of her appearance as her fur seemed almost to shine.

After Sriri made her blocks, Chloe tried her hands at blocking, literally, facing off against an invisible shadow opponent. She tried to block her upper body first, then her midsection, then tried to block a kic as Sriri had shown her, all while keeping her eyes on the Caitian.

Sriri took maginificant care of her fur, indeed she was almost OCD about it. She brushed it twice a day and had one very specific cleanser she used. She hated the sonic shower, so she tended to use water like in the old days. Still, she liked it that way. Sonic Showers felt weird and gross on her fur after all. The grey furred feline grinned, her eyes roaming up and down Chloe's form again, mostly making sure her stance and movements were right. Mostly.

"Good job, keep going." Sriri hissed with an encouraging tone. After Chloe had practiced the blocks a bit more, Sriri flexed her hands a tiny bit. Her tail twitched a bit, and if the woman noticed, that would be a pretty big tell. With a loud yell, Sriri jabbed her right fist out in a straight punch aimed at Chloe's chest. It was a lot faster than the practice punch earlier, but still slow enough for a barely trained opponent to block.

Chloe didn't notice the tail twitching, she was still too bussssy studying the rest of her opponent. She heard the yell, she saw the incoming punch and deflected it quickly, before she attempted to spin around, and under Sriri's arm to get behind her and attempt a kick of her own, using her shorter height to her advantage as best she could.

The Caitian woman grunts in surprise as Chloe ducks under her arm. She shifted her weight to her right foot, and swung her arm down, using the very same technique she'd just taught Chloe to block the kick. But more than that, she lunged forward with her other hand, attempting to grab Chloe's free arm in an arm lock, twisting her arm around next to her and bringing her in closer. "Thought you could get the better of me hmm? Not after just one lesson hehehe." she said with a grin.

A strange feeling came over Chloe in this moment of closeness. In truth, she wasn't surprised at how easily her attack had been fought off. What did surprise her was Sriri's next move, and for a moment she futilely attempted to escape. That was before she felt Sriri's fur against her hand, though, at which point Chloe, for whatever reason, seemed to lose her will to move. She looked over Sriri's form again, examining the Caitian's fur, examining where her hand rested. But she dared not move.

The feline paused, just holding the human woman there in that arm lock. She looked down at her, and saw the look in her eye now. Sriri let go of Chloe after a few minutes. "Right. Think that might be, erm... Enough for the moment." she said. Her voice was just a tiny bit... Flustered. She wasn't used to physical contact. She smiled though. "You're doing good though." she added with a smile.

Chloe gave a soft nod at Sriri's words, stretching slightly to get any tension out of her. She didn't move much otherwise still, but Chloe did give a nod of affirmation at the compliment. She was glad to hear that she was improving, and yet... something about the contact mere moments ago seemed to weigh on her mind. But she said nothing of it. Even though she wanted to get a better idea of how Sriri's fur actually felt, she knew that would be impossible.

Sriri felt her fur flush just a bit and she crossed her arms now. She wasn't sure why, but she felt pretty happy with this. She acted cool though. Her tail twitched back and forth now, ever the indicator that she wasn't as relaxed as she appeared outwardly. "But you still need work. We should meet here more often, so i can go over some more stuff with you. Since you're a member of command staff, you need to learn how to defend yourself. Just in case." the feline said. That was mostly the reason why, but also Sriri just felt like spending more time with Chloe in the future. Maybe get to know her better, since she was very quiet.

Chloe nodded slowly, clasping her hands together in front of her. She couldn't help herself. Chloe found her eyes wandering over Sriri's form as Sriri had done some time ago, and when she caught herself Chloe blushed deeply, before nodding again. For some reason, she felt herself more at ease around Sriri, and Chloe had no idea why. No one had made her feel this way previously... she was always on top of her guard. Even though this was still the case... a sense of security seemed to tug at her. She craned her neck slightly to look up. Up at Sriri's feline face... and she ended up catching Sriri's eyes since the first time they met.

The Caitian woman gazed down into her eyes and gave a small smile now. She could tell Chloe was more at ease with her now. It made her smile a bit more, and she twitched her tail to and fro. "So... Maybe meet here once a week?" she offered. "Or more if you want." she added after a moment. After that, she adopted her front stance again, moving to practice her blocks next to Chloe. She moved a bit slowly though, letting the human follow what she was doing and practice them too.

Chloe practiced along with Sriri, finding herself standing a little closer to the Caitian as she followed her movements. She wasn't certain why, but she had started to feel a certain sense of... peace, by this point. A peace she hadn't felt before. She considered Sriri's offer and nodded, looking back up as she paused for a moment... for the first time bringing herself to look Sriri in the eye as her translator spoke. She had started to duck her head, but caught it and instead, Chloe made a conscious effort to keep looking at Sriri. "More than once per week would be ideal."

Sriri nodded happily at this and grinned. She definitely took note that Chloe's eyes met hers while she spoke. That was a first. Even so her ears twitched at the almost robotic voice. She snickered softly. "Very well." she said with a smile. She continued to practice, taking some time to explain her moves now. Such as when punching to keep your elbow just a little bit bent, not much, just enough that you don't hurt your arm when striking. That sort of thing.

Chloe saw the way Sriri's ears twitched and raised a brow slightly, but she said nothing of it. She nodded along, continuing to practice the moves as Sriri explained them. What she wanted to do was get in touch with her animmal lover self. Sriri's fur looked soft to the touch, and petting a dog or a cat would always put her at ease. But she couldn't do that here. Not only because Sriri wasn't your everyday house cat, but she was an officer who would, in a crunch, be under her command.

Sriri caught the strange, almost longing look in Chloe's eye, and flicked her ears again. She said nothing at the moment, and instead content to practice in silence for a while. Soon, the alarm she'd set began to go off. "Well, that's enough for today. I have bridge duty in about an hour and a half. Anyways, you want to go get something to eat?"

Chloe blinked once, surprised by the offer. Her initial, natural reaction was to say no, she didn't enjoy company. But shee considered Sriri closely for a moment, taking her time to think. Should she risk going outside of herself?

After a moment, Chloe gave a simple nod of response to indicate her acceptance, before she instinctively fell in behind Sriri to follow the other woman to her quarters.

Sriri was actually heading for the galley, nice, neutral ground. Heading back to either of their quarters, well... It was a bit early for that. "Come on, the galley's on Deck Two." she said, her tail twitching back and forth every so often. The turbolift door opened with it's usual fwooshing sound, and Sriri stepped in. Once both of them were inside, the Caitian said "Deck two." and the doors closed behind them.


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