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Special Conditions

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2019 @ 7:33am by Commander Michael Clearwater

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: CO's Ready room
Timeline: MD 00 18:00


Mikey Flopped into the Uncomfortable Chair of the CO’s Ready room, his back aching with Tension he hadn’t Realized he’d been Holding in. So far the ship had been running smoothly, with only a Minor hiccup to snag the Smooth flow of the Prelaunch preparations. A minor Supply error had seen the Station quartermaster arguing extensively with the him over the Status of the ship’s antimatter supply. A supply, he had had to Explain to the Tellarite several times that the ship didn’t have Antimatter containment bottles, because the ship didn’t have an antimatter Reactor. This had Nearly seen Clearwater Exploding with anger.

Argument aside the day had gone rather smoothly, with him Meeting his Senior staff. All except his Suspiciously Missing Xo that was. He was supposed to have been aboard today, and his mysterious Absence had him worried He might be getting stiffed again by the Fleet admiralty. Already some of his Hand Picked officers had been poached by Admiralty for other assignments, with last minute replacements filling out his Admittedly small roster. As he finally took a moment to relax his Desk Comm would ping. “Commander, there’s a Message coming in from Star Fleet Research and Development,” Came the Voice of a young Ensign who was manning the COMM’s Station on the bridge.

“Patch it through to my desk,” Mikey Grumbled softly as he sat back up, turning to face the screen on his desk. The image flicked for a moment Revealing the Emblem of Starfleet engineering, before revealing the stone faced gaze of a Vulcan Rear Admiral. “Admiral T’nac, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I Wanted to personally pass on some information Regarding Your ships Computer system,” The Vulcan Deadpanned, his eyes never wavering in the traditional lack of emotion his race displayed.

“I’m well aware of the Computers Capabilities Admiral,” Mikey said with a minor annoyance, A soft scowl crossing his face. “Incase you’ve forgotten I helped Develop the Quantum Processors,” he said drumming his fingers on the desk.

“I did not forget Commander,” the Vulcan said tilting his head to the side. “I merely wanted you to be aware of a new special Conditions the Admiralty wants to impose on Your mission,” he Said calmly tapping some buttons to send over a data packet. “You might Want to review this information After We’re done here.”

Mikey glanced at the information scrolling at the bottom of the screen. “you...want me to continually to transmit the Ships entire Database…” he muttered quietly his face hardening slightly. “That will Take a Huge amount of Our Communication’s capacity out of commission…” he said calmly looking back at the Admirals image.

“We’re quiet aware of this, but will Drastically improve our ability to Update and Improve the Kitsune’s Subsystems through real time data,” T’Nac said calmly showing no reaction to the humans perceived anger. “If the Ship is attacked it will also Permit us to dispatch a rescue fleet with higher Speed, to ensure the experimental technologies the ship holds don’t fall into enemy hands.” He paused and leaned forward his hands tenting slightly. “You don’t have to like it Commander Clearwater, you Merely need to comply with it.”

“I!” Mikey Started with an angry growl before cutting himself off. “I Understand Sir, I’ll ensure we comply with the conditions.” He said through clenched teeth.

“Be Sure that you do Commander,” T’Nar said calmly before the screen went black.

“Fucking bastards…” Mikey growled softly before laying back in his chair.


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