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The XO

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2019 @ 5:21pm by Commander Michael Clearwater

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Deck two Corridor
Timeline: MD01 1940


The steady Whir of the Kitsunes FSD thrummed through the deck plating, A sensation that Commander Clearwater couldn’t help but Feel was not Only Alien, but slightly disturbing after a career of Serving alongside the Tried and true Matter/Antimatter Reactors of the Starfleet.

He’d Spent many months helping to fine tune the Reactor back at Utopia plantatia Research labs and he’d still never gotten used to the Deck vibrations it produced. With a Heavy sigh the aged Martian started thumbing his way through his PADD’s inventory reports. With the Star base unloading the last of the missions approved Supplies the ship was nearly Ready for her official first launch. Mikey wouldn’t help but smile at the thought. Years of Work with Star Fleet R&D Finally paying off with one of the most Technologically advanced Ships Ever Produced. He paused in his steps. Most advanced ship, other then those damn Prometheus class ships, He thought Grumpily to himself.

His thoughts were shattered by the thumping foot steps of a heavily armored boot. “Commander Clearwater!” a Loud booming voice Shook the air on the deck, Making the Short Human flinch in shock. With a dazed and confused look He slowly looked up to see a Huge Science uniform clad Klingon storming towards him. “I’ve been Looking all over the ship for you,” he said with a wide grin his Teeth Filed to points.

“And…you are?” Clearwater said with a Confused Gaze his posture adjusting to face him head on.

“I’m Your assigned XO,” the Large man chuckled. “Commander H’adrak, of the Noble house N’vera,” The Man said with a loud chuckle, folding his arms across his broad chest.

“Ah…I’m glad you’re here, Finally,” Mikey said relaxing slightly. “though…you are late for The ships official briefing…” He hummed quietly.

“There was a Delay In Shuttle transfer,” H’adrak Grumbled softly. “There should be a Back Logged Subspace Communication For you,” His voice was Nearly as Jagged as the Teeth in his mouth.

“I must have missed it,” Clearwater sighed quietly rubbing his forehead with his Free hand. “Still…Glad to Have you aboard Commander,”

“Thank you Sir,” The larger man said confidently. “I Trust the ships Upgrades have been fully installed?”

“Yes, I’m guessing you’ve already Seen most the ship,” Mikey Nodded slowly. “So Lets get down to brass tacks, Our mission takes us along the Tzenkethi border, A Border patrol, nothing in or out that isn’t authorized.”

“A Shame we’re not Taking our Powerful Ship on the Offensive,” the Klingon Said quietly with a Growl. “I’ll admit The Federations Pacifistic tendencies have been…difficult to adjust to, A Far cry from their behavior during the Dominion war.”

Mikey snorted. “Trust me…I’d rather have warships then science vessels…” He said calmly. “I’ve seen enough Combat to know the limits of the traditional Approaches the Federation takes…but A war with the Alrakis Pact at this juncture would be…inadvisable.”

H’ardrak tilted his head to the side, a look of respect on his face. “I’ve seen you’re service Record Commander…You’ve seen more combat then even myself, And while I can’t call you a great warrior, I’d Be A damn fool to Discount your experience.” He said Calmly.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence,” Mikey muttered quietly. “Still…Its nice to have some one like you as an XO,” he looked down at his PADD. “I’ll let you settle in though, swing by my Ready room at 0930 Tomorrow, I’ll give you a back brief on our mission.”

“Understood Commander, I’ll be there bright and early,” H’adrak said with a low growl before skulking off down the Corridor, his Foot steps causing reverberations as he moved.


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