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Poker Night On deck 4

Posted on Sun Apr 28th, 2019 @ 11:27pm by Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant Trevan Ventor & Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Deck 4 Mess hall
Timeline: MD01 20:30


Michael Clearwater took a labored breath as he sat his war aged, and Broken body into one of the high backed chairs in the Mess Hall. He'd come in early for the Poker game, taking time to Ensure the old Auto shuffler he'd bought off a particularly stingy Ferengi had been set up correctly. All the while he would Casually litter some bottles of Dark rust red Martian rum over the table, to serve as Refresments to any of his Crew who accepted the Text invitation he'd sent out After he'd concluded the Briefing earlier today.

The ship wasn't too young to start having Traditions like this, after all.

Sriri would enter the mess hall herself. She was still in uniform, as she usually was, but her hair had been let down and she was wearing more jewelry than usual. She must have gotten off duty, She had a bottle of Klingon Bloodrum with her, and added it to the refreshments, pouring herself a glass.

"Evening." she said in a flat voice. She hadn't played human poker, this would be an experience for her!

The Door Parted Revealing the Massive Bulk of the ships Klingon First officer, Commander H'adrak. The Man Was Easily Seven and a half feet talk, with all the bulk one could expect of A Male Klingon. Tucked under one arm was a Wooden Cask of A sloshing liquid, undoubtedly Bloodwine. "AH Commander!" the Klingon Bellowed as he approached the table "I Just Got aboard." he said, his Blue trimmed uniform A Mess of creases and folds. "And Just in Time too it seems."

Mikey Flinched visibly as the Massive man Flopped himself unceremoniously into a Chair at the table, causing both the Chair and deck plating to give an ominous creak. "Good to see you at least made it here," He said while shuffling the cards. "I was about to Start a Friendly game of cards"

Ventor entered the mess hall looking for something to eat. Seeing a knot of officers gathered around one table he changed course from the bank of replicators to the table to see what was going on. "How is everyone?" He asked.

The caitian settled at the table now, her tail twitching just a bit to and fro. She sipped the blood rum and chuckled some. "It will be a good evening, come what may. And I am well." she said to both Karna and Ventor.

"Glad to hear it. Is there a card game about to start?" Ventor asked.

"Seems so. I've read up on some human card games. It will be interesting to try one." Sriri said with a chuckle, sitting down.

"I'm Just waiting for enough Victims for the Table," Micheal would chuckle as he hand shuffled a deck of antique card stock Cards.

"So exactly what game are we playing?" Ventor asked taking a seat.

"Indeed. I would like to know the game as well." Sriri added, settling at the table herself.

"The game of the hour is Texas Hold'em," Mikey smiled as he Dealt the first hand before slotting the Cards back into the Auto dealer.

"AH I Know this Game," H'aDrak Said with a pleased grin, his teeth filed to points. "I Played this game Much On the Vega's Colony While I was Training there," he boomed slamming his hand down on his cards, making the table shake slightly.

"Must you be so noisy?" the caitian hissed, her ears flattening at the commander's booming voice. They weren't just for show after all! "Texas Hold'em... Let's see if i remember... Ah yes, Lieutenant Michelson tried to teach me the rules on the Hades. I never understood how one was supposed to win without seeing their opponent's cards."

"From my understanding of such games there is a level of skill needed in fooling your opponents." Ventor said.

"Apologies Lieutenant," H'adrak Scoffed softly. "I'll Make efforts to, Curtail My enthusiasm,"

"Texas hold'em is a Game of built on deception and Luck, its honestly Shocking Romulans and Ferengi don't Crave it Over Dabo," Mikey chuckled as he placed five cards face down on the middle of the table. "If you all look under your chairs you'll find yourself some poker chips, as I'd rather not Rob you all of your latinuim today," he smirked. "White is one, Red is five, Blue is ten, Green is twenty five, And orange is Fifty," he said placing his own chips on the table.

"Hahaha, think nothing of it, Commander." Sriri said, her tone a bit more haughty than usual. Given H'Adrak's very klingon response, she felt the need to show some aggression herself. She grabbed the chips and looked at her cards now, waiting for whatever would happen next.

As the game began the Drinks would flow, And Latinum would be lost. A ruckus Night for all.


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