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Force Quantum Distilillery?

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2019 @ 5:46am by Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh & Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant Trevan Ventor

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: USS Kitsune Secondary Engineering/Shield Emmitter bay
Timeline: MD01 (Post Briefing)


Mikey Stood beneath the swirling vortex of the Ships Forced singularity Core, Idly Admiring the Romulan Architecture that had gone into Containing the Forced black hole.

He was Waiting for his Tactical and Engineering officer, both to Try and break the ice between Department heads, and to Back brief them both on the New Model of Shields system The Kitsune would be Testing on this mission.

Sriri walked into engineering, her tail flicking a little bit now. She looked around as she stood toward the commander. She twitched her grey ears and came to a stop. "You called Commander?"

"yes, as it Directly pertains to the safety of ship I thought it would be Prudent to Introduce you to the New shield grid system we'll be prototyping on this mission," The aged Human nodded slowly. "Just waiting for Our Engineer to get here as well."

A door on the far side of the room slid open and Ventor entered with a PADD in hand. He pressed a few buttons on the PADD's surface before tucking it under one arm. "I hope I have not kept the two of you waiting." he said.

"Not at all," The CO smiles. "You're right on time, Now this, is our Geodesic Quantum Phase Shield grid," he nodded to the large Device. "this little beauty was Developed in part by the KDF and star fleet, After Serious flaws in our Modern Multiphasic shields were Found during the dominion war."

"An impressive piece of shielding technology." Ventor said. "Utilizing randomized shifts between Quantum phases is an interesting approach."

The caitian seemed unimpressed by this, and nodded. "Yes, It is. I would say it was interesting to develop, but I was only tangentially related to it's development. I was always more a weapon designer, though I had to make sure they interfaced properly with my pulse turrets. Overcoming the phase variation was surely a tricky business." she said simply.

"I would expect so, even standard shields and phasers have to be properly tuned to each other to ensure the shields allow the phaser beam to pass through while protecting the ship from enemy fire. Adding random phase shifts in the shields would have added another level of difficulty to that." Ventor replied.

"I'm actually very pleased with the Shield generators ability to rotate Screens to mitigate fire impact," Mikey said with a sense of pride.

"It was a simple solution for the phasers, all i had to do was connect the control systems so that the shields and phaser banks rotate at the same rate, to the same frequency. The pulse turrets use the same principle. Though since they have a slower fire speed than phasers my team had to code a slight delay to the shield frequency rotation to allow the pulse blasts to pass through. It's less than half a second, but still." she said, both as an explanation for how it worked and as a warning. Someone who knew how their system worked and wanted to exploit it could do so, despite the difficulty. After all, the frequency stayed the same for less than a second, and only while firing the Kitsune's primary weapon. Anyone who wanted to capitalize on that would be taking heavy fire themselves after all.

"A simple and effective solution. If we get the time I would like to work with you on the interaction between the shields and turrets. Perhaps working together we can find a way to eliminate the delay." Ventor said.

The aged Human Smiled while looking between his Junior officers. "I can't wait to see what you two can do with this, Both of you came Highly recommended, Despite one or two, more colorful pasts," he Smirked at Sriri.

Ventor gave Sriri a inquisitive look. "Colorful?" He asked.

"Nothing of concern of course," Mikey said quickly. "She just has a temper like mine."

"I see. Then I will endeavor to keep on your good side, both of you." Ventor replied.

Sriri would say nothing about her somewhat checkered past, and simply crossed her arms. "Oh come now commander, i assure you, your temper is nothing near as bad as mine is. Not many can match the fury of an angry Caitian woman." she said with a proud chuckle. "And I welcome any input you might have on making my turrets function better." she said with a nod.

"Then I will study the turret design in further detail." Ventor said. "This ship has several systems that will require further study.

"This ship is An oddity, I can't Wait to see how She performs," the Human Smiled as he looked between his Officers.

"I expect out time with this odd little ship will be quite, interesting." Ventor replied.

"I expect it will be quite informative. I'm sure in time we'll come up with more things to test." Sriri said. Her tail flicked back and forth, showing she was happy with the thought.

"I'll Leave you two to it," Michael chuckled as he turned and walked towards the bulk head.

"Of course." Ventor said before turning to look at Sriri. "Time to get back to work."

Sriri gave a curt nod and flicked her tail to and fro. "Absolutely." she said.


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