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High Yield

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 11:01pm by Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Deck 5 Torpedo Magazine
Timeline: MD01 (Post Briefing)


Mikey Stormed through the Corridor with Karna In tow. "LT Mac'Toh Are you in The Torpedo magazine yet?" he said as he tapped his Chest, his combadge chirping as he Moved.

There was a thump from inside the tube, and some loud loud hissing. After a second, the combadge chipped on Mikey's chest. "What do you want?" came Sriri's voice, sounding a bit pained. She'd been startled by the sudden interuption and jerked up, hitting her head on the low hanging ceiling of the jeffrey's tube, so naturally she was rather annoyed.

Mikey was taken aback by the Stern response. "I...Er..wanted to go over our MIRV Photon's before launch."

"Is that how you speak to your captain?" Karna asked. Then he made a scratching motion with his hand. "Kitty has claws!"

The caitian woman would crawl out of the tube and stand up. Her silver hair had been pulled back into a loose ponytail, and she had on specialized gloves, protecting her claws, and more importantly, what she was working on. She crossed her arms and looked up at Karna.

"Oh I'm sorry Lieutenant, would you prefer you security chief be sweet and demure?" she asked, still rubbing her forehead. She glanced at the commander and nodded.

Karna winked but said nothing.

"Their fine. This one had a power short, but it was only a blown fuse. I tracked it down and was in the process of fixing it. Wouldn't do to launch a torpedo and have the whole damn launcher black out." she added.

"Blowing a fuse always leads to trouble," Karna agreed with a smirk.

"Especially, When we're talking about Multiple kiloton yield warhead," Mikey grumbled as he looked around.

Sriri did catch the double meaning that the betazoid had in his words, but then, maybe she was being paranoid and he wasn't making a dig at her obvious temperament. "Exactly. And where we're going we don't want that." she said with a grumble. She needed to calm down a bit. Everything was going to be alright.

"So Lt. Tell me about Our new pulse turrets." The CO Smirked. "and this lovely Pod we got here," he said tapping the Mirv Photon.

The feline flicked her tail to and fro a bit, and then she smiled. "Well, the Pulse Turrets are new weapons, designed by team not too long ago. We're giving them a test run now. They work by firing heated plasma shells. Somewhat short ranged, but they can batter other ship's shields, and cause heavy damage beyond that. The plasma is fed through the reactor coils to an ignition chamber, where it is charged with ionized gas, heating it up... Until it is fired down the twin mounted barrels. There are heat vents on the backside of the turrets to vent the ionized gas if we need to as well. All in all, i'd say it's a lovely, elegant weapon, if i do say so myself. You'll have to get a bit personal with your opponent to make full use of them, but i'm ok with that." she said, before glancing at the torpedo.

"Oh those? These are a pet project of my assistant. They are a new kind of photon torpedo. The yield is a tad bit lower, but they come equipped with with a more advanced targeting system. Perfect for smaller, lightly shielded craft, or strikes where you need a scalpel and not a sledgehammer, as humans have put it in the past." she said confidently.

"I do appreciate the precision of a small blade," Karna said with an approving nod and his ever present smirk.

"Yeah, you look like the kind of man who would Lieutenant." Sriri said, her arms crossing a bit.

"Really?" Michael said with a shocked look. "He strikes me as more of a blunt object or sock full of Quarters Kind of man."

Sriri chuckled a bit. "He looks like the kind of skag back home who would use anything and everything at their disposal to win a fight. No offense, of course." she said simply.

"I've been told my martial creativity knows no bounds." Karna's black eyes shined with the praise.

Michael just chuckled at this response. "you two play nice, I'm headed back to the bridge."

"Really now? Hehehe, maybe I should enlist you into my security team." Sriri said. She smirked a bit, then looked at Michael. "We are playing nice, Commander. If we weren't you'd know, trust me." she added.

"Good to know," Mikey said with a grumble as he moved back to the corridors.



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