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Blockade briefing

Posted on Thu Feb 21st, 2019 @ 3:06am by Lieutenant Karna Zsan & Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant Trevan Ventor & Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: Deck 2 Briefing Room
Timeline: MD 01 10:00


With Orders in hand Commander Clearwater sighed and slumped into his Chair, age wearing on the human. He looked around the Spartan Briefing room of the Kitsune, a wary smile Crossing his face. "All Senior staff Please Report to the Commanders Briefing room." He said after tapping his combadge.

"Right away, sir," said a voice from under the table. Karna climbed out and grinned at Mikey. "Ready to give briefing as ordered."

Mikey nearly jumped out of his skin as the Spook climbed out from beneath the table. "what the Hell!" he sputtered before trying to regain his composure. "Good to see your finally on time Karna," He said with a strained gasp.

Karna winked at the other man and took a seat.

"This is Ventor I am on my way." The chief Engineer's Voice replied from the open comm line.

Sriri's ears perked up as she heard the command. Well, this was it! "Lieutenant! Make sure that inventory is completed on schedule!" she said, before putting the data pad down. She tapped the combadge on her uniform now. "On my way Commander." she said. She walked out of the armory and to the turbolift. "Deck One. Briefing Room." she said, and the doors whooshed closed.

"Thank you all," Mikey said softly his glare settling on Karna for a moment as he waited for his Senior staff to join them.

"I wonder who will get here first," Karna said. "Want to place bets?"

"Ten Credits says Our engineer Show's first," Mikey Smirked at him.

"And I bet you your hidden fifth of Martian Rum that it's the tactical kitty," Karna said.

"Are you Just guessing I have that, Or did you rifle through my Quarters," Mikey Asked with an arched brow.

Karna grinned wickedly. "I think it's funner if I don't answer that."

Sriri stepped into the room, looking around with disdain. "Lieutenant Mac'Toh reporting. Where is everyone else?" she asked, moving forward to take her seat.

The doors slid open allowing Ventor to enter. "Greetings every one." He said finding a seat.

"We're all here now," Mikey said cursing himself silently now that he'd be down a bottle of precious rum. "With out further ado, Let Me go ahead and brief you on the More Pertinent points of our mission."

He Tapped a few buttons on the table causing the Rooms view screen to light up with a Star Map Focused in on the Tzenkethi border.

"Ah, the Tzenkethi Coalition. Relations with them have always been tumultuous," Karna noted. "Ever since that little war we had..."

The feline looked up at the map, frowning a little bit at this. "We'll have to be on high alert while we're there." she said, crossing her arms, though she went quiet again. She'd have to read up on that little war as Karna had put it. Familiarize herself with their way of fighting.

"Have there been any recent issues along this border with the Tzenkethi?" Ventor asked.

"Fuck yes there has," Karna said in all seriousness. "The entire Inconnu Expanse and surrounding territories have united behind the Alrakis Pact, and the Tzenkethi were a founding member. They're just itching for an excuse to open fire on anyone who gets too close. It's the Romulan Neutral Zone all over again."

"I'm afraid its Somewhat worse then The RNZ," Mikey said with a long protracted sigh. "This is more akin to the Iron Curtain of Old earth Fame," He paused. "With the Pretenses of war on the horizon We're being sent to Catch an...Sort of Border incursions from both sides of the border."

"Kind of an unusual assignment for a ship of the Kitsune's class," Karna mused aloud, "which makes it a great test for the experimental systems."

Sriri snickered a bit. "Yes, It will make an excellent test. If they give us any trouble, we've got several answers. Still... I recommend that we proceed with caution. We don't want a full scale war, so if it can be avoided then we should try. But... if not, then it will be good to have a proper field test for my pulse turrets."

"If we are in a situation that results in a test for the pulse turrets then we will also be giving the shield systems a field test also." Ventor pointed out.

"We'll be field testing Several new systems, including The pulse turrets, Shields, Our Forced Singularity Drive, A few new torpedo types, As well as a System of my own design Called the PDF Tractor emitters, along with a few...More mundane systems like a Sensor grid Upgrade," Mikey Said with a beaming pride. "All while intercepting any attempt to Breach the Border, from either side."

"Sounds delightful," Karna said. "Hopefully war isn't declared, otherwise we're doomed."

"Make your stations ready, Dismissed."


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