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Look what the Cat dragged in

Posted on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 @ 3:45am by Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: USS Kitsune Armory
Timeline: MD 00


The reinforced doors of the Armor slid open as Commander Clearwater All but marched in, Taking a moment to look around for His new Tactical officer.

Twitches her ears a bit, the feline standing in the middle of the armory, holding an impromptu meeting with some of her staff. Well, less a meeting more going over inventory before they ship out.

"Lieutenant Davock, I want you to take Crewman Flannery and get me an inventory of those photons, right away." she said.

"Yes sir, right away." the serious sounding klingon said, looking at the crewman in question before sauntering off to do it. Sriri didn't immediately acknowledge the commander, despite knowing full well he was right behind her. She looked at her own second, a young vulcan ensign. "Get me the last readouts on phaser accuracy, i want to see what sort of margin for error we can expect, and if we can have room to improve." she said. After the ensign was gone, she turned to Mikey.

"Hello Commander. Welcome to my domain. What do you need?" she said, trying her best not to sound too impatient. She was getting to know her crew and her ship after all!

"I Just wanted Come in and officially meet you Lieutenant," Mikey smiled softly. "And to Measure your Worth for Project Inari," He said his expression suddenly turning dark. "have you had a chance to examine our Pulse turrets?"

The feline woman suddenly hisses a bit at that, her tail flicking a bit. She turned to face him fully and stared, her expression somewhat angry. She emphatically raised her hand to point generally in the direction of the nearest turret.

"Yes Commander, I have. And whomever installed them mangled my design! I very clearly specified that they need type THREE coils or stronger, not the typical type two that most phaser banks use. Type two simply don't reduce the recoil enough for more than a few blasts at a time." she said, crossing her arms. She turned, and grabbed a data pad. "I've taken the liberty to prepare a requisition order for the coils, among other things, but it might not be complete. My people are doing a complete inventory of our armory, i'll have the full report for you in a couple of hours. But I want my coils immediately, so i can install them myself."

Mikey chuckled at this. "Ah there's the Fire I read about, Your file doesn't do you justice," He smiled and shook his head. "Tell you what...You have my authorization to Do what ever it takes to get those coils," he waved his hand slowly. "Just tell anyone you run into that Project Inari Requires them."

The Caitian woman gives a quick nod and flicks her tail to and fro. She looked down at the data pad in her hands, and sets it to the side, before offering a toothy grin. "Yes Commander, consider it done." she said in a cheerful voice. She crossed her arms now and her tail twitched a little bit.

"So... What can we expect from our first mission? I'm looking forward to being out in the field again. Too much time in the lab isn't good for this feline." she said, adjusting her uniform. Mostly she was hungry for a chance to prove herself once more. She was ready to earn back that third pip she'd lost.

"We're doing a routine border patrol along the Tzncethi border, Stopping Any smugglers or their ilk who try to cross the border," he shrugged. "not a glorious mission, but A good shake down of our systems."

Sriri nodded with a smile, her tail twitching. "sounds perfect for a first outing for the crew. With your permission, commander, I'd like to run some drills for the crew. Make sure that they can mobilize in the event of an emergency." she said.

"Authorized of course," Mikey nodded. "Throw a couple drones together, so we can really put these Weapons to the test."

"Consider it done Commander." she said. She snickered, already making plans for this. A couple? Two? Nah, that was too easy. Maybe four at once, equipped with light phaser banks! That would make an interesting challenge. "Anything else I should know about Commander?"

"Nothing that can't wait for the Briefing," He shook his head slowly.

Sriri gave a small nod now. "Alright then Commander. I shall see you at the briefing." she said, her spotted tail flicking back and forth a few times.

"See you there," he nodded as he turned to leave.


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