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Posted on Tue Jan 29th, 2019 @ 4:14pm by Commander Michael Clearwater & Lieutenant Trevan Ventor

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: USS Kitsune Main engineering.
Timeline: MD 0: 1020 hrs


Micheal "Mikey" Clearwater stared out at the Swirling machinery and Sensors that orbited an infinitely dense Point. He'd been Apprehensive when he'd been told the Kitsune would house the first Prototype Singularity core, Let alone one that had been salvaged from a Romulan wreckage.

And yet here he stood, on the ships observation deck, watching and observing What could potentially serve as the future of the Fleets power Requirements. "Lieutenant Ventor please report to Engineering," he said softly as he tapped his combadge.

"I am on my way." Trevan's voice said from the open comm channel.

A few minutes later the Andorran Chief Engineer entered and with a quick glance around the room he located the Commander standing in front of the core.

"Yes Sir, you need to speak with me?"

"Yes...I wanted to get your Opinion, and To officially Meet my Chief Engineer," the Old martian said as he turned to face him. "Tell me, how confident are you in this Piece of technology?" he asked nodding towards the Core.

"The Romulans have been using Artificial Singularity Cores to power some of there largest ships for decades. So we know the technology works. Diagnostics indicate that our core is operating within parameters. That being said this is still an experimental power source for us. There could be issues we don't expect." Trevan said.

"A fair, if rather neutral evaluation," Clearwater shrugged as he straightened up, his wrinkled face worn with years of service. "And your thoughts of the Kitsune?"

"It would appear to be a fine ship, others ships of the Saber Class have proven to be very reliable and I expect the Kitsune to perform in a similar manner." Trevan replied.

"Lieutenant has anyone ever told you that you answer questions like a vulcan," The CO chuckled as he leaned forward. "Always so damn neutral," He snickered before pausing. "What are you personally bringing to this ship?" he asked with a serious look. "Be it bright idea's or Expertise in the bizarre."

"I have in fact been told that, by a Vulcan, so I took it as complement." Trevan said. "As for what I bring to the ship that would be my expertise in engineering, primary propulsion systems. Of course my fist experience with maintaining equipment was at the family distillery so if this new core does not work I could turn it into a still."

"I'm sure Black holes can make excellent andorian Rum," Mikey smirked and chuckled.

"It would be interesting to give it a try. We couldn't lable it as Andorain Ale as that is a protected designation." Trevan replied.

"I'm sure you could Ultimately come up with a better name for a liquor," Mikey smiled as he folded his arms.

"Kitsune Privet Reserve." Ventor suggested.

Mikey chuckled and shook his head. "I fully expect to see the bottle art by tomorrow at 07:00."

"With the on board replicators I could have a selection of bottle shapes for you to choose from also but I am sure there are better ways for a Chief Engineer to spend his duty hours. I must admit I am intrigued by the project." Ventor said.

"I'm authorizing it until we're ready for shove off," Mikey smiled with a low chuckle. "After that its a pet project for your after duty hours."

"Very well Sir. Do you have any other projects that need my attention?" Ventor asked.

"I'd like you to Cycle the Quantum Phase shields, give them a shake down before we depart, And the PDF Tractor emitters," Mikey said as he folded his arms. "I want a full write up on them, before we depart."

"I will see that it is done. If there is nothing else I should get to work." Ventor replied.

"you have the Deck Lieutenant," The aged Co nodded.

"Eye Sir." Ventor said moving off. The Commander had made two requests for checks on specific systems and if he was going to have the work done in a timely manner he needed to get those projects started.



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