Reindeer Games

Posted on Tue Jan 8th, 2019 @ 4:44am by Lieutenant Karna Zsan & Commander Michael Clearwater

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Location: USS Kitsune Deck 1
Timeline: MD 00


Micheal "Mikey" Clearwater Straightened out his Uniform, his Steel grey eyes locked firmly on the PADD resting on his Arm rest. He Was currently awaiting the PADDs primary subject. "Let's see if he's late..."

The appointment time came and went. It seemed to be a no-show.

Mikey sighed and rubbed his temples. "God damn intelligence officers," he muttered as he pulled up a disciplinary Review form on his desks Computer.

Minutes ticked by and still no intelligence officer. The silence became deafening.

After several minutes Mikey finished up a Disiplanary counsling statement. "Karna Fucking Zsan, Report to the commander," he said after slamming his combadge.

=/\="How did you know my middle name?"=/\= came the reply. =/\="I was quite sure it's omitted from my personnel file. Took some doing."=/\=

"You're not the only telepath onboard," He Replied back. "Now, Ass in to my Ready room time Now."

The telltale whine of transporter energies filled the room as Karna beamed in front of Mikey.

"Do you mean to tell me, Commander, that you have had telepaths invade my mind?" The Betazoid canted his head at a slight angle, drilling Mikey with a cold stare. "I would not take kindly to that."

"Nor would I take kindly to having my time wasted," Clearwater answered with a cold martian glare. "As to your inquiry though, I'm just good at reading people faces."

The subject of their banter made Karna laugh with delight. "Oh, dear. Tell me, Commander, what does my face say right now?"

"That I'm dealing with a very dangerous man, A man who Cares little for others, save if they are useful to him," Mikey said flatly. "A man who's self serving interests will drive him to act erratically to keep people guessing."

Karna squinted his eyes and leaned into Mikey's face. He drilled the man with a measuring stare, then grabbed his cheeks and kissed him right on the mouth.

"Your face looked a little love-starved. Hope you're good now, because that was not good for me." The Betazoid bit back a snicker. "Now that we have our introductions and cagey banter out of the way, what do you need?"

Mikey sputtered and leaned back a dark glare on his face. "Lieutenant what the HELL!" he sputtered before taking deep breath to regain his composure. "I was Hoping you'd be Kind enough to deliver any and all intel we have about our destination that SFI might have withheld?"

"Ah, yes. Starfleet Intelligence has entire tomes of classified information on absolutely nowhere." Karna snickered again. "That is where we're going, after all. A shakedown run to the border and back just to make sure the experimental systems are a go."

"And there's nothing else we can be expecting?" Mikey said as he leaned back, trying his best to keep his cool.

"Nothing worth sharing," Karna said. "I like to be kissed before I get fucked, and we already learned you're a terrible kisser." He grinned at Mikey, savoring the man's frustration. "Seriously, though. We'll probably be fine. Just fine. So long as we don't go over the border, that is. The Alrakis Pact, a new regional coalition, isn't taking kindly to border-hoppers these days."

"Glad to have Transparency," The human sighed quietly as he sat back, rubbing his temples. "With that out of the way, Would you Kindly assist me with the briefing of our senior officers before Depart the mooring?"

Karna made a sweeping bow. "Upon my word, my liege, I shall do just that."

Mikey wouldn't say anything to this, his thoughts already elsewhere. "Dismissed Lieutenant."