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Chief Intel Officer's Log, Entry One

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant JG Halcolm Qolo

=/\=Chief Intel Officer's Log, Stardate 66096 point 861. I'm settling onto the Kitsune. It's a posting I feel I should be worried by, but I'm not. Nobody has gone into the effects of such a propulsion system as the Kitsune's on a Bolian body.

But alas, this is the twenty fourth century. There's a cure for everything=/\=

There is a short pause in recording. In his quarters, Halcolm walks to the replicator in the corner and engineers a glass of tonic water.

He resumed recording.

=/\=The Intelligence Department is most excited about giving the upgraded sensors a proper test. The new engine puts out a lot of juice. The ship's computers and most of her systems benefit from this... Big time.

It's almost time to leave Starbase 72. It'll be nice to get back into open space. Let's hope things don't get too hot once we leave these safe gates.=/\=

The lieutenant ended his transmission there, feeling his symbolism was poignant enough. At least, relatively....


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