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Security Chief's log 1

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 @ 12:53am by Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

"Security Chief's log, Star Date 435 point 092.

I have taken my station as chief of security and head of tactical. My crew men are fine officers, but they seem young. Inexperienced. That's fine, they are quite eager to be on this assignment. I wager this is the first voyage for some of them. Our mission brings us dangerously close to... The Iron Curtain as Commander Clearwater has put it. I am not too familiar with human history, but it sounded like some sort of demilitarized zone. Either way, we'll all have to be on our toes. I would rather my first voyage as a duty officer in years be a good one. I'd rather not have to fight if i can avoid it. Computer end log."

The caitian rubbed her head and sighed softly. She didn't want this on official record. "... But if they pick a fight then i'll make them rue the day they crossed me..."


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