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Lieutenant Lachlan MacArdry

Name Lachlan Jass MacArdry

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Deryni( Minaran Descendent)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 185
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Stormcloud blue gray
Physical Description tall and slender but muscular with shoulder length red hair usually pulled back into a warrior's clout and haunted stormcloud blue-gray eyes


Spouse Heather Maire Grissom MacArdry (Deceased)
Children none
Father Jared Kevin MacArdry( Deceased)
Mother Catriona Moraig Scott MacArdry (Deceased)
Brother(s) Ciaran Alasdair 'Dair', Caulay Eber, Seamus Michon, Dhugal Amergin, Eachan Michael
Sister(s) Kaylia Sinead, Bevin Sile
Other Family other aunts, uncles and cousins back on New Gwynedd

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caring and helpful but at times taciturn and brooding
Strengths & Weaknesses fairly strong physically, he does suffer from bouts of depression and PTSD, due to his history
Ambitions doing everything in his power to eliminate the need for the Medical profession by the improvement of the races to the point that they can self heal almost instantly. Till that happens, he'll fight his ancient enemies:Pain, Disease and Death with everything in him
Hobbies & Interests cooking, bagpipes, ancient weapons, SCA, Herbalism, Primitive camping

Personal History Second oldest child from a family of healers, Lachlan went through all the schools for Healers he could back on New Gwynedd with most of the rest of his family. While there, he met Heather and they decided that the planet was too narrow to hold their inquisitiveness, so they applied for Starfleet Medical and were rapidly accepted into the program, spending part of their time at the Medical Schools on Vulcan, refining their techniques. After Graduation from the Starfleet Medical College,they were placed in a Medical Response team, based on the USS Nightingale as part of a Search and Rescue/Triage team. After that they were transferred to a medical outpost on a developing planet. Unfortunately, a group of slavers that made the Orions and Ferengi look like Choir boys had staked out the planet for their own personal hunting preserve for their stocks of slaves to sell all over the galaxy. The slavers laid Siege to the Medical Outpost to try to get them to leave and no longer disrupt their business but the ones at the outpost refused though it cost many of the patients and most of the staff their lives, including Lachlan's beloved, Heather. After Starfleet finally routed the Slavers, they brought in a larger base for the area's Medical needs, while seeing to Heather's final transfer home to New Gwynedd, to be placed in the family vaults. They recognized Lachlan's exhaustion in trying to have kept his wife alive along with the others, and graciously offered to set him up with a planetside private practice wherever he might want to be, but he refused and moved on to the USS Ghost Rider who was busy fighting the Terran Empire till the Federation finally got the dimensional breach sealed trapping them back in their own dimension. He moved on to other ships as his skills were needed, finally arriving at the USS Kitsune.
Service Record Ens., USS Nightingale, Search and Rescue/Triage Team 1
Ens, Taihwainna'Gotaur Medical Outpost, Medical Officer
Ens, later LtJg, USS Ghost Rider, AMO, later CMO
LtJg, USS Aquinas, CMO
LtJg USS Ares, AMO
Lt, USS Kitsune, AMO