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Captain Chloe Waters

Name Chloe Marie Waters

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 4 feet 8 inches
Weight 85 pounds
Hair Color Bright red
Eye Color Ocean blue
Physical Description This woman stands four feet eight inches tall and is relatively unremarkable. Her bright red hair is pulled into a tight ponytail which runs to just below her shoulders, before strands of hair seem to flow lazily wherever the air sends them. Her face is heart shaped, with a thin pair of red lips, a buttoned nose slightly above, and wide set, deep ocean blue eyes.

Looking down, her narrow neck leads to thin shoulders and long arms, the hands of which usually rest on her hips or are folded behind her back. Her figure widens slightly at the chest, before narrowing and widening out at the hips once more.

Unlike the rest of her thin frame, Chloe's legs are well toned, clearly the sign of someone who spends much of her time running. Chloe's firm legs lead to small, but not overly so feet with carefully kept nails and baby smooth skin.


Father Eric Waters
Mother Emily Waters

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chloe is a very quiet, calculating individual who prefers to spend her time while off duty alone, running, or playing with her dog. She prefers to remain at arms length of those around her, allowing herself to observe the people she is with. When interacting with others, she prefers to give as little away about herself as possible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Mentally discipline

Quick reflexes



Generally difficult to get to know

Hates her translator/touchy about it

Obsessed with finding a cure for the brain defect which does not allow her to speak
Ambitions The one thing Chloe wants to do, more than anything else, is to discover some kind of cure to the brain defect which prevents her from speaking. Otherwise, Chloe hopes to discover the fate of the lost Iconians.

Professionally, she is hoping to have a command of her own one day, even though she knows that, due to her personal quirks, it's not very likely.
Hobbies & Interests In her free time, Chloe will often be seen with her dog, reading, running, or simply observing other people. For a long time she has been interested in long lost civilizations. Their history, their cultures, even archeological sights. If it could provide her with some clue as to how she might be able to gain her voice, you can be certain that she'll be interested.

Personal History Chloe was born on Mars, in the city of New Tokyo to a loving mother and father. However, shortly after her birth, her parents began to suspect that there was something wrong with her. She was always silent. She never made a sound, never cried, never cooed. Her parents took her from doctor to doctor, who ran test after test. Eventually it was discovered that she had a tiny brain defect. Signals from the speech centre of her brain were not reaching her vocal cords. The reasoning behind it was never determined, thus no treatment could be provided.

Instead, when Chloe was three years old she was given an implant which allowed her to communicate. It spoke in a female voice which was completely and utterly robotic, expressive enough only that someone could identify a statement from a question, but no more.

As part of learning to communicate effectively with the implant, Chloe was mentored by a Vulcan woman, T'lar, for many years to assist her in building her mental barriers. Barriers which would allow her to communicate only those thoughts that she desired to. However, when Chloe experiences strong surges of emotion, be they positive or negative, her mental barriers may falter. This means that any thoughts she is having at that moment will be vocalized.

Outside of her training, Chloe had a difficult time socializing. The other kids were always teasing her about her implant, so she tended to stay away from them. As she grew older, people began to ask her about the implant, and she shied away from that topic whenever possible. When she was of age, she joined Starfleet in the hopes of finding a cure to her brain defect.
Service Record 18 years old:

Chloe entered Starfleet academy

22 years old:

Chloe graduated Starfleet Academy on the command track, with a major in helm/starship navigation, and a minor in tactical.

Chloe was assigned to the USS Earhart and rose up through the ranks quickly, due to her excellent performance and dedication to her duties.

28 years old:

Chloe was reassigned to the USS Kitsune after receiving the necessary training in its basic operations, functioning as her chief navigator and second officer.