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Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

Name Sriri Issrahn Mac'Toh

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6''
Weight 135 pounds
Hair Color Gray white and black
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Sriri is a Caitian, a species of feline humanoids. She closely resembles a snow leopard, her fur soft and short, a dull grey and white colo with black spots. She stands tall, for a Caitian, nearing the peak of what human females usually stand, and her frame is slim, and well toned. This hints at a history of physical training that not many would undergo. She wears the standard starfleet uniform, with a few small modifications. She has had her uniform altered to allow her tail freedom, and she wears a collar on her neck, A seemingly simple metal plate which she says is for religious purposes. Her hands and feet are somewhat large, giving her an easier time climbing, balancing, and even running. She is several times stronger than a human, about on the level of klingon warriors, although she is far more nimble. Her tail and whiskers are key to this, granting her vastly increased balance, as well as increased sensory perception. She can see in the dark, can hear far greater than a human, can track by scent, and her fur and whiskers can help her pick up changes in the wind and the like. She also has retractable claws in her fingers, capable of cutting many things, but they are also useful for climbing.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Genalis Mac'Toh (Deceased)
Mother Lucillia Amaloy Mac'Toh
Brother(s) Cornash Mac'Toh (deceased for 14 years, would have been age 36)
Temari Mac'Toh (a former member of the Maquis, on the run, age 36)
Galdin Mac'Toh (Deceased for 14 years, would have been age 36)
Amal Mlot'Crin (In Star Fleet Academy, Age 19)
Sister(s) Reishal Mac'Toh (Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, Second officer of the Nebula Class ship, the Hades, Age 36)
Tiba Mlot'Crin (Civilian, age 19)
Ashna Mlot'Crin (In Starfleet Academy, age 19)
Other Family Captain Adol Mlot'Crin (Step Father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance, Sriri calm, serene, and somewhat distant. She seems to not like getting close to others. However, if she is befriended, she is a staunch, loyal ally. She has a great deal of pride, almost rivaling that of a klingon warrior, and she is, through and through, a stubborn, hot headed person. She has no problems disobeying orders, and has even been reprimanded for her insubordination before. She has a great love of music and poetry, however, finding those activities soothing. However, even with her temper, she's brilliant, able to think of tactical situations and get out of most conflicts. She also is a fantastic weapon designer. She has an attention problem, though when something brings her focus together, she is relentless
Strengths & Weaknesses +High physical strength and speed
+Very strong senses, particularly hearing
+Adept training with hand to hand combat as well as many types of phasers, and other hand weapons.
+A very strong grasp on ship combat and tactics
+Her fur makes her far more tolerant to the cold
+Her claws are a concealed weapon she always has, as well as a very good climbing tool.
+Incredible ability to design weapon and shield prototypes, though these generally have flaws that make them impractical
-She is combative and insubordinate.
-Her senses can be overwhelmed fairly easily, particularly hearing.
-Her whiskers can be easily clipped, robbing her of all sense of balance and unable to stand or walk very well.
-Her fur, and particularly lack of sweat glands renders her more susceptible to heat based dangers.
-She is Colorblind
-She is photosensitive to bright flashes of light
-She has very little mental defense, making her easy to manipulate via telepathy.
-Her familial ties to both the federation and the maquis can cause her to have conflicted loyalty at times.
-Can be distracted if her focus is split.
+/- Her honor and sense of pride can cause her to act in strange ways, though this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.
Ambitions Sriri wants to grow in starfleet, for now at least, and is out to prove that her weapons and shields are far superior to those currently in use. Moreover she seeks to attain perfection of body and soul.
Hobbies & Interests She plays the Cello, and writes poetry. She designs weapons in her spare time. She practices many martial arts. She fences, particularly enjoying a saber.

Personal History Sriri was born on Earth, one of the few Caitians to have been born there, in what used to be the southern united states. Her family was a group of scientists, working with starfleet to develop new weapons and engines. She was the last child of a litter of seven, and her family was happy. She grew up learning all about the inner workings of a space ship, and she wanted to learn more. Soon, her father brought them to Deep Space 9, and when the Maquis began to form, her father and brothers left to join them, leaving her and her mother and sister alone. The trio would return to earth, mostly so the twin caitian girls could enlist in starfleet.

Academy life:

Her academy years were turbulent. She found herself distant from the others, and making very few friends. She didn't care though, she had her sister that was all she needed. She grew to resent the others more and more, however, and as she got news from the front, the young student longed to leave the academy and fly to her brother's side. This was only intensified when the news came that her father and brothers had been killed by the Jem'Hadar, though her sister convinced her to wait. She would get her chance. So, Sriri seemed to calm down a great deal, and buckle down into her studies. Due to her early years being mostly squandered, she didn't pass with flying colors. However, she did earn a commendation from several of the teachers in her last year. Eager to join the fight and get revenge, she immediately enlisted on the Achilles in engineering.

Aboard the Achilles:

Life aboard the Achilles was far better for her than the Academy had been. She swiftly proved her prowess, working in engineering to bring the ship up to speed as the went to join the war. Despite her lackluster Academy review, the captain chose to give her a chance to shine, after an emboldened plea to him for more authority. He promoted her to Ensign, and she was given a chance to rise in the chain of command. She would then have a difficult life, spending a few shifts in engineering when they needed the help, and manning Tactical during the third shift most nights. But she was happy. She served reasonably well, excelling at her duties

Assigned to the Falcon:

After her tour of duty on the Achilles was completed, she was moved to the Falcon.The Falcon's mission was one of exploration and scientific study. This bored Sriri, but she dedicated her efforts to making engineering run smoothly for her chief. She even earned a promotion, joining her twin sister as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. After the captain saw her skill at tactical, he offered her a position there instead, feeling her talents would be better used at tactical as opposed to engineering, especially with the onset of the Dominion War. She found this a lot more stimulating, and began to enjoy her work more. She relished the challenge, and worked with glee to try and end the war. However, as it dragged on for years, and the casualties on the Falcon mounted, she found there to be less and less she could do.

The war was being won at this point, but her ship was being battered and destroyed. With no other options, the captain approved her use of an experimental new weapon that fired ionized slugs, able to tear through ships. Though the slugs shattered the shields of the Achilles at the same time, rendering them defenseless. As the slugs tore through the dominion ship, their own attacks destroyed the bridge, killing all of the command staff but her and her sister, who was injured in sick bay. Considering she had been in the torpedo bay altering the weapons to fire again, she had been lucky. With no one left, she took command from engineering, and led the heavily damaged ship to the battle over Cardassia. While the help they provided was minimal, they did still assist in the battle. And when the ship was nearing destruction, the crew was able to transport aboard fellow allied ships. Due to her injuries, Sriri had to leave the fighting to the others at that point. After the war, the young lieutenant decided to remain in starfleet, despite being contacted by one of her brothers, a former maquis now on the run.

Service aboard the Hades:

Sriri ended up transferring to the Hades, under her sister as assistant security chief. Her sister knew who she was and how she acted, and helped to channel some of that untapped energy into her work. She made for a somewhat zealous security officer, tempered by her sister's calmer demeanor. The pair made for an excellent combination, and she began to flourish. The captain saw this, and over time, grew to rely on them greatly. Soon, Sriri found herself taking Tactical more and more, spending more time on the bridge than in the halls. After a good word from her sister about her performance, she was promoted to chief tactical officer and lieutenant. Though her duties were shared with her twin, she gravitated more and more to the bridge.

She would grow more confident and assert herself more, ending up with a promotion to Lt. CMDR. after a few more years. She was appointed as the second officer, and took command of the Hades on several occasions. This would not last long, however, as she would screw things up for herself. She began to argue with the captain's judgement, at times even publicly, and outright refused to follow some orders she felt were wrong. It all came to a head when she was reprimanded in her last year on the ship. The Hades was caught up in a misunderstanding with Romulans, and instead of backing down like the captain had ordered previously, she refused to back down, and the Romulans attacked. What was supposed to be a mission to deliver some supplies to a small colony turned into a firefight, which worsened relations with the Romulans. During the fight, she had an experimental new Torpedo used, which was her own design, and she destroyed the romulan ship.

Starfleet R&D and the USS Kitsune:

She was reprimanded for her decision, and demoted, though starfleet Research and Development would pick her up, and assign her to assist in creating new, experimental weapons. And then, five years later, when this weaponry had been perfected, she was asked to assist in it's testing. And due to her history at tactical and chief of security, she was asked to join the crew rather than simply be an observer. Eager to be spaceborne again, and ready for a chance to redeem herself, she readily accepted the transfer. And now, she hopes that she can control her temper and regain lost honor from her own actions. She now is serving as Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer, and hopes to regain her lost rank some day.
Service Record Born 2353
Starfleet academy, 2362-2378
Served aboard the USS Achilles (Constellation class ship) in engineering: 2368-2370
Promoted to Ensign aboard the Achilles, 2369
Served aboard the Nebula Class ship, the Falcon as Second Assistant Engineering Chief, 2370-2373
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, 2373
Transferred to Tactical, 2373-2375
Took command of the Falcon until her destruction, 2375
Assigned to the USS Hades as Assistant Security Chief, 2375-2379
Promoted to Chief Tactical Officer, 2379-2382
Promoted to Lieutenant, 2379
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, 2382
Promoted to Second Officer, 2382-2383
Demoted to Lieutenant, 2383
Transferred to Starfleet R&D Special Weapons Projects, 2383-2389
Offered position as Chief of Security and Chief Tactical officer aboard the USS Kitsune, 2389-present