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Commander Michael Clearwater

Name Michael Clearwater

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 140
Hair Color Rusty brown
Eye Color Bright Green
Physical Description Micheal "Mikey" ClearWater is A short, Lightly built, Mixed Race Human male, Born and Raised on Mars. He has Light brown hair, stained with years of exposure to the Red martian dust, and whatever products he uses to keep it that color, a proud Martian through and through. While off duty Mikey has a Very jovial, almost boyish attitude, On Duty he's Cold, calculating and Determined, a stark contrast for anyone who isn't Especially Familiar with him.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Johnathan ClearWater
Mother Elizibeth ClearWater
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Six

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emotionally Distant, yet Jovial and Very Personal Mikey Clearwater Is a near perfect example of a Native born martian. Pale Skin, Redness to his hair that defies Ginger-hood, almost as if the Red planet itself left some dust in his hair, And Almost Unnaturally green eyes. While physically unimposing, His Defiant Determination will Lead him to do anything he can to Succeed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Inquisitive, Near Religious Devotion to his work, Work ethic trumped Only A near psychotic need to be right.
Weaknesses: Has difficulty admitting he's wrong, Lacks Confidence In crowds, Physically weak, and Small.
Ambitions To boldy test what No man has tested before
Hobbies & Interests Fantasy Holoprograms, Sword Forging, Chess, Parcheesi, Model building, constructing Prototype systems, Testing them Often with out Permission

Personal History Born on Mars to Large Prodigious Family Michael “Mikey” Clear water was the youngest Child of the Well Respected Family, and coincidentally, the only male child. While his Youth was Pampered and Luxurious Mikey Longed For adventure, Longed to see the stars, as well as put some distance between him and his six Sisters. So The High society brat put his Efforts into His studies and Class work, forgoing all Social Activities outside of his sister’s constant Torment. Mikey Was Far From Imposing, his Sisters constantly Saying he should have been a girl, The boys Frame Far From muscular, Though The Teasing did little To dissuade him from his Goal to one day Command A great Star Ship Like the Famous Captains Kirk, Archer, and Sulu.

After passing his basic education With flying Remarks, Mikey Quickly enrolled himself In the entrance exam for Star fleet Tactical, only to immediately flunk out For Being unable To keep up with the Rigorous physical Fitness Requirements. Undeterred He Tried again this time taking the Engineering Track, for its less Strict Physical fitness Requirements. Finally accepted to the Academy He once again Eschewed social Contact Wholeheartedly devoting himself to his studies and classes, excelling Not from natural talent, But From Raw Devotion to his quest.

Upon Graduating From the Academy, then ensign Clearwater Was Assigned To the USS Merrimac, a Norway Class Ship as a Junior Engineer. Unable to believe his luck at landing a ship assignment so quickly, Mikey Celebrated with the rest of the Crew, as much as he could claim that they were celebrating with him, rejoicing In what felt like his first victory ever.

Unfortunately His celebration was short lived, As the First assignment he’d undertake would be Soul crushing. A Borg Cube, headed for Sector 001. Thrown into Intense Combat So soon into his Career. The battle was long, hard, and Mind numbing for Him, but miraculously The USS Merrimac Survived, though she suffered severe damage that left many Crewman dead.

Injured by an exploding EPS Conduit Mikey spent several weeks in Recovery before He was reassigned to the USS Kyoto As an assistant Engineer where he spent the Majority of the First half Dominion war Earning Promotions and commendations For his quiet, yet Determined Sense of duty and Work ethic, his Actions Saving his ship and crew mates on multiple occasions.

After being Promoted To Lieutenant He was transferred off the front lines and To the USS Mercy, a hospital Ship that Served to transport Critically injured Marines and Starfleet Personal From Triage points to full Medical Centers. Here He served as the ships chief engineer.

While the horrors of war Usually Made People Close in on themselves Mikey Found for the first time in his life that he began to socialize, spending long hours talking to the Ships security chief, the two hitting it off Well, their Relationship blossoming and turning romantic as the war progressed. How ever The Chief took a Promotion and a transfer back to the front, leaving The Heart broken Mikey behind.

A few months before the end of the Ward Mikey was Promoted to Commander, The Small human male taking a Position at the Utopia Planatia Shipyards, as part of Star Fleets Research and development team. For the next two years He Focused himself on building up Friends and Romantic partners while he Worked on various projects of Starfleet’s R&D.

He Was offered command of the USS Kitsune
Service Record USS Merrimac
USS Mercy
Utopia Planatia R&D Section
USS Kitsune CO