USS Kitsune NCC-79832

Kitsune are often presented as tricksters, with motives that vary from mischief to malevolence. Stories tell of Kitsune playing tricks on overly proud samurai, greedy merchants, and boastful commoners, while the crueler ones abuse poor tradesmen and farmers or devout Buddhist monks. These mythical creatures are also shown to be wise and of great influence.

This is why Starfleet launched the latest Saber Class vessel with this name, because of the rampant diversity of the Alpha Quadrant and it's growing dangers. For a time as this the Federation needs a ship and a crew that cannot only out fox any adversary that comes against it. You are also going to have to have a crew that displays wisdom and courage when fear and darkness is ever growing.

Come aboard the USS Kitsune, where the focus of writing is not quantity but quality; and where a crew can grow to build together, to tackle any challenge that faces the Federation. Join the USS Kitsune, and picture yourself among the greatest in Starfleet History.

Are you also new to simming? Do you want to grow your potential? No problem. The Kitsune is a warm and welcoming place where you can get feedback on your writing style to benefit you not only here, but in other creative endeavours.

Welcome aboard the USS Kitsune.

Latest News Items

» Hello

Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2019 @ 4:00am by in Out of Character

I just tought I'd say hi. I'm the new Chief engineer here, T'Pollis and I'll be ready to write with everyone soon

Latest Mission Posts

» The Beast at Tanagra

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 6:17pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri & Rear Admiral Julius Woodward & Lieutenant Commander Kaylia Strenvale

Boarding the ship was simple enough. A nod of her head and she was there. The transporter chief on board gave her a curt "Welcome aboard" and went back to working on the panel. She nodded, but he didn't see it. People generally didn't see her, or want to see…

» Dinner with family

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 5:18pm by Lieutenant JG T'pollis Sodil

Two days had passed and T’Pollis had been lucky so far. Each time the Counselor, or anyone on the ship who happened to be both male and Betazoid, had been busy when her Grandmother had sat down for dinner. But the third night she lost her luck. She ended up…

» Once more unto the Breach

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant Akel Izavid

Akel stood looking out the observation window of his Utopia Plantia lab. The computer was running a level 3 diagnostic of the Thunderchild’s targeting computer. According to the tactical officer every photon torpedo launched from the forward tubes would veer off target by 15 degrees to port. He had already…

» Family makes one crazy

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2019 @ 4:24am by Lieutenant JG T'pollis Sodil

T'Polis looked around as the transporter beam stopped. She was unsure what type of ship this was, but it didn’t matter. This was most likely a stop on the way to her new ship. “Permission to come aboard?” T'Pollis asked.

“Permission granted, but the Commodore was wishing to be here…

» Seclusion for the mind

Mission: Hidden Dangers
Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2019 @ 3:57am by Lieutenant JG T'pollis Sodil

T'Pollis was alone. Not another soul for kilometers. Vulcan's forge was a good place to get away from the myriad of voices that assaulted her mind on the Hathor. Not that she was going back, as the Hathor had been decommissioned. She took that time to ask for two weeks…

Latest Personal Logs

» More at Ease

Posted on Tue Dec 17th, 2019 @ 3:26pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

I'm settling in quite nicely. At least I think so. I got to talk to an Admiral and my XO. They actually cared what I had to say! Sokath, his eyes uncovered. The XO understands Tamarian language, which is quite a bonus. She was able to calm me down a…

» Darmok on the ocean

Posted on Wed Aug 7th, 2019 @ 3:57pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jiri

She sat down to eat in the dining room, surrounded by people but utterly alone. There was conversation. There was laughter. There was at least one intellectual debate about warp core systems. Lots of activity from the enlisted personnel in this space. She looked around trying to take it all…

» Chief Intel Officer's Log, Entry One

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant JG Halcolm Qolo

=/\=Chief Intel Officer's Log, Stardate 66096 point 861. I'm settling onto the Kitsune. It's a posting I feel I should be worried by, but I'm not. Nobody has gone into the effects of such a propulsion system as the Kitsune's on a Bolian body.

But alas, this is the twenty…

» Security Chief's log 1

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 @ 12:53am by Lieutenant Sriri Mac'Toh

"Security Chief's log, Star Date 435 point 092.

I have taken my station as chief of security and head of tactical. My crew men are fine officers, but they seem young. Inexperienced. That's fine, they are quite eager to be on this assignment. I wager this is the first voyage…

» CO Log 1

Posted on Tue Mar 19th, 2019 @ 12:46am by Commander Michael Clearwater

"Computer Start Commanders log," Micheal said as he walked to his desk. "The crew have...Come aboard, We're small but the officers We Have were Hand selected...and they all have my Utmost confidence." he'd say aloud as he circled the desk in a slow pace.

"I'm Hesitant to begin our First…